Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Day Of Non-Stop Rain In North Texas Blissful In A Soft Cotton Comfort Cloud

I'd almost forgotten what a stereotypical winter day is like in Western Washington.

My current location in North Texas has reminded me of what non-stop rain is like. I think we are approaching 24 hours of rain,  with no end of the dripping in sight.

I gleaned the "Rain expected to continue throughout the day" blurb from this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I woke up this morning thinking my month plus bout of ailing with minor flu-like symptoms had abated, almost totally. Since then the abatement seems to have somewhat lessened.

I had myself the best night's sleep in I don't know how long last night.

On New Year's Eve my bed suffered a major malfunction which resulted in it turning very uncomfortably lumpy in way too many spots.

So, yesterday I got myself a new bed.

The new bed is like being held in a soft cotton cloud of blissful comfort.

The constant pitter patter of raindrops hitting my window and the occasional rumble of distant thunder added to the peacefulness of my slumber chamber.

I'm thinking if I start getting a more reliable good night's sleep I might find myself being less grumpy. I can only hope.

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Steve A said...

Yesterday's DFW Airport beat the RECORD for Olympia for January 8 by 0.75 inches. And the Olympia record is more than that for Seattle. It may rain continuously in western WA, but it is a far gentler rain.