Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Aunt Told Me She Will Believe Corporations Are People When Texas Executes One

I found the above in my mailbox this morning. The cover of a Christmas card from my favorite aunt who lives in Eastern Washington. For you Texans who have never seen such a thing, that big mound of white, that takes up most of the picture is what is known as a mountain.

This particular mountain is named Mount Rainier.

Pronounced Rain-eer, not Rainy-er.

I believe Mount Rainier was named after an explorer who explored the Puget Sound zone with George Vancouver.

Methinks, with Western Washington's reputation for being rainy a lot of the time, the name of the mountain should take on the second  rainier meaning, not the long dead explorer meaning.

Then again, Mount Rainier is not the rainiest of Washington's volcanoes. That would be Mount Baker. Though the rain is accumulated as snow, with that accumulation being the deepest accumulation on the planet known as Earth.

The Indians who lived in the Puget Sound zone long before white explorers "discovered" it and started naming things, called Mount Rainier, Mount Tahoma. Which is where the big town that is close to Mount Rainier, Tacoma, got its name, and for some reason switched out an 'h' for a 'c'.

I think that tugboat in the picture is sailing the straits that go under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, judging by where the mountain is located in relation to the shoreline.

Those big white things in the picture are snowflakes. I believe snowflakes are currently falling at various locations in the Western Washington lowlands. Smart phone weather alerts erroneously warned Western Washingtonites that a blizzard was heading their way. The correct info was that the blizzard possibility was predicted for the High Cascades, not the lowlands. I don't believe the Western Washington, Puget Sound lowlands has ever had a blizzard.

My aunt who sent me the Christmas card with the picture of Mount Rainier frequently sends me things she reads about Texas that either appall or amuse her. Or both. Rick Perry provided a lot of mail fodder during his embarrassing run for president.

Below is the Texas related clipping my aunt included in this year's Christmas card.

My aunt said she was about to send me a t-shirt with the above on it, and then thought better of that idea, for fear I'd wear it and get beat up by an irate Texan.

I tell you, Non-Texas America has so many erroneous ideas about what Texas is actually like.

Just one example.

Non-Texans think all Texans pack heat. However, I know of only one Texan who is always armed and dangerous. Elsie Hotpepper.

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