Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Three Dog Night At 22 Degrees With CatsPaw Suggesting I Go To Hell With My Damn Character Verification & Gar The Texan's Cliches

Global Cooling deniers can't deny that it is cold in Texas this morning, well, cold, at my location in Texas. I don't know if the entire state is cold. It's a really big state.

22 degrees. Temperature prognosticators are prognosticating that today will be the coldest day of the year. According to my calculations there are still 19 days to go in this current 2012 year, so I don't know how those temperature prognosticators can be so confidently prognosticating that we won't be having an even colder day before 2013 arrives.

Al I know for sure was last night was a Three Dog Night in my bed, and with having zero dogs I had to use 4 thick blankets to keep warm.  I don't like running the furnace or A/C at night, but by about 4 in the morning I gave in and turned on the artificial heat.

Speaking of artificial heat, I got an amusing comment from the always amusing CatsPaw, to a blogging from yesterday, in which CatsPaw sort of told me to go to hell...

CatsPaw has left a new comment on your post "This Afternoon Myrtle Had Me Wondering Where The Hell Matt 2012 Is":

I noticed that Matt visited Detroit on his travels. Given the name of his site, I hope he had time to travel an hour or so west to Hell, Michigan. 

Or maybe that's a trip for Durango. You can go to Hell – get pizza and a beer at the Dam Site Inn and stop in at Hell in a Handbasket country store. Be sure to check the weather report so you don't disappoint Gar.

And hey, that damn character verification IS going to have me telling you to go to ... you know. 

CatsPaw, I turned off that damn character verification this morning. So, far, 3 hours later, no return of the evil Russian spam comments. The last time I turned the damn character verification off the evil Russian spam comments returned pretty much instantly.

In her comment CatsPaw mentioned Gar the Texan and his reliance on my ubiquitous weather  reports,  which brings up the Gar the Texan subject, which is almost always difficult.

Yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, in a blogging titled A Frigid Walk With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Pondering The Problems Of The Troll Known As Gar The Texan I made mention of the fact that I thought the reason Gar the Texan's bloggings might be less than well received by those who receive such things was the fact that almost 100% of his verbiage is a cliche.

I feared mentioning this to Gar the Texan might cause him to go into verbal gridlock, like the time I casually mentioned that I could not help but notice that he almost exclusively talked about himself when engaged in what purported to be a conversation. I believe this resulted in weeks of Gar the Texan not speaking while he tried to figure out what to say that was not talking about himself.

I probably should have also  mentioned to Gar the Texan that I well understood why he talked so much about himself, due to the fact that he is just so darn interesting, which is the reason I don't talk about myself, that being because I am just so darn un-interesting, and am totally aware of this fact.


Gar said...

My momma always told me, "if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all".

Therefore, I only talk about myself.

Ah, two mortal sins in one comment. I like it!

Durango said...

Your momma also told you to Praise the Lord daily and go to church on Sunday, both of which you have chosen to ignore.

How would you know if someone else was saying something about which you could say anything nice if you don't ever let anyone talk about anything but you?

As for your latest two mortal sins. You need to heed your sainted momma and head to the nearest church and pray for your likely hopeless salvation.

Gar said...

Those are very valid points.

I think I quit going to church when I got to that part in the Bible that says, "Judge not, lest yet be judged".

Judging is one of my favorite things! I just don't say anything after it's been done.

Although I was talking to my gal pal the other day and she informed me I was very judgmental.

It's easier to be self deprecating than to talk about someone else because I'm very judgmental.

Even now, I'm trying to think about something to say about you so I can quit talking about myself and I can think of lots of bad things, but I can't write any of them down. I must figure out how to remove the mental block.

GG said...

I much prefer, "if you can't say something nice about someone, come sit by me." :-)

Gar said...

That just may be the sweetest thing I've heard all week!