Monday, December 10, 2012

This Afternoon Myrtle Had Me Wondering Where The Hell Matt 2012 Is

This afternoon I did my daily Facebook check and saw one of those "Confirm a Friend" notifications. The friend in question was Myrtle. Myrtle is not Myrtle's real name. Myrtle is the name Myrtle and I used to disguise our secret communications from prying eyes, way back late in the last century, while I still lived in the State of Washington.

After I confirmed that Myrtle is indeed a friend of mine I clicked on Myrtle's Facebook link and soon found myself looking at photos of Myrtle. And others. Myrtle has not aged a minute since I last saw her. If anything there appears to be some age reversing. I suspect this is not the result of any sort of surgical intervention, but is instead the result of living happy and traveling the world.

I saw that Myrtle had a link to a YouTube video, a "Where the Hell is Matt? 2012" YouTube video.

I recollect really liking the first Where the Hell is Matt" video, years ago. Well, actually, not that many years ago because I put that Where the Hell is Matt video on my blog, just like I have done with this latest Where the Hell is Matt video.

Matt in the Where the Hell is Matt video is Matt Harding. I Googled Matt Harding and read the Wikipedia article about him. I was curious where he was from, since the last city visited in the Where the Hell is Matt? 2012 video is the town of Seattle in Washington.

From the Wikipedia article I learned there are 5 Where the Hell is Matt videos, with Seattle being the last town visited in 3 out of 5 of the videos.

Via Google I also learned Matt Harding has a website all about Where the Hell is Matt.

On Matt's website I saw the following....

Above it says if the map says "Seattle," Matt is home. I am guessing this would seem to indicate that Matt Harding lives in Seattle. I wonder if he is any relation to Tonya?

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CatsPaw said...

I noticed that Matt visited Detroit on his travels. Given the name of his site, I hope he had time to travel an hour or so west to Hell, Michigan.

Or maybe that's a trip for Durango. You can go to Hell – get pizza and a beer at the Dam Site Inn and stop in at Hell in a Handbasket country store. Be sure to check the weather report so you don't disappoint Gar.

And hey, that damn character verification IS going to have me telling you to go to ... you know.