Sunday, October 7, 2012

The First Cold Sunday Morning Of October

48 degrees is 3 degrees chillier than yesterday's morning low. It is a little windy, still, in the outer world at my location, making it, apparently, really feel like 41 degrees. I am cursed with being inept with arithmetic, but I am fairly certain that 41 degrees is only 9 degrees above freezing.

The last 24 hours have averaged, temperature-wise, slightly above 50 degrees. Averaging 50 degrees, or above, is my requisite temperature requirement for going swimming.

I suspect going swimming this morning is going to be a bit more refreshingly bracing than it was yesterday.

I learned this morning that my morning online news reading has now been shortened. I clicked to read an article, this morning, in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, to be solicited for a subscription in order to read the article.

99 cents for the first month, $6.95 a month after that first 99 cents month.

I  might consider paying this if it got rid of the annoying animated ads. But, I suspect the ads remain.

The sun has been up for around 45 minutes, so far this has not made the outer world any warmer.

It is time for my first chilly swim since last March.


Steve A said...

Right now, Bedford and Ocean Shores have identical temperatures

Durango said...

I believe I would prefer to be cold in Ocean Shores.

Steve A said...

I will try to make a first-hand report.