Monday, October 29, 2012

Snake Free Walk Through The Village Creek Wild Zone

As you can see in the picture, looking north, deep in the wild undeveloped zone of the Village Creek Natural Historical Area, there are no hurricane clouds swirling overhead in North Texas this last Monday of October of 2012.

I walked the trail through the VCNHA all the way to Pioneer Parkway. I have no idea how far that is, but it seemed like a long ways.

I don't walk in this area when it is hot, due to the fact that years ago, on my bike, I had my most unsettling snake encounter ever, whilst pedaling fast. I came close to running over a very big, very colorful snake. After that I noticed what I figured were a lot of snake holes along this trail.

A few years ago I was pedaling the River Legacy Park paved trail, when ahead of me about 100 feet I saw what I thought was a stick of re-bar sticking out of the ground. I thought that odd. And then when I got closer, like about 15 feet away, I saw it was a snake, sticking vertical out of its hole about a foot. The snake retreated into its hole before I passed it.

So, I assume any small round hole I see on a Texas trail is a snake home.

Changing the subject to something other than snakes.

My attempt to swim did not go well this morning. The pool had greatly cooled, even though the morning temperature was warmer than Sunday's. I swam to the end of the pool, then back to the other end, and then got out.

Yesterday morning I turned on my furnace for the first time this heating season. It was below 60 in my abode when I got out from under my thick cover of blankets Sunday morning.

I got gas Sunday afternoon, so I called my mom. During that call I learned it was my mom and dad who sent me the small bag full of McDonald's coupons, that I mentioned yesterday,  from which I can get an awful lot of French Fries.

My mom told me I am expected in Arizona in late November. My mom also told me they no longer have an internet connection. My mom seemed surprised that I might need an internet connection.

I don't know about the flying to Phoenix idea. I am sort of suffering a small bout of relative fatigue.

Every Only Child I have known has been messed up to varying degrees. But, sometimes I can see where being an Only Child might be a mighty fine thing. I'd miss having nephews and a niece, though.

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