Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The 3rd Tuesday Of March Dawns Clear & Cold In Sun Lakes Arizona

Gazing skyward from my current primary viewing portal on the outer world on this 3rd Tuesday of the 3rd month of 2012 I can see a crescent moon and no clouds.

Now, if only the sun would begin behaving appropriately and heat this currently cold Valley of the Sun to something above 12 degrees above freezing I would appreciate it.

The only cold weather clothes I left Texas with were the long pants I was wearing and a long sleeved shirt.

But, on the bright side, I am not shivering as bad as the last time I was in Tacoma during the frigid summer of 2008.

Throughout the day and night, yesterday, I was getting reports and  photos of the major storm that was striking the Dallas/Fort Worth zone with heavy rain and lightning. Near as I can tell I missed the first strong storm in a long while in my current home zone.

I do not know what is planned for today, except for a Wake. Apparently, when you live in a retirement community attending Wakes is a big part of the social calendar, requiring the production of copious amounts of food.

The sun has now completely arrived to begin it much needed heating duty, yet somehow we have managed to lose a degree.

I do not know if my swimming suit is going to get wet in any of the Sun Lakes pools. It is starting to seem like the only time my swimming suit is going to get wet is when I get in my sister's swimming pool to settle a bet that she tricked me into losing with her wily, casino-honed, gambling ways.

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Anonymous said...

Alright already. You are wearing us out with this banter about losing a bet. When are you going to tell us what bet you lost? That sister of yours sounds like a sharpy but you should have known that.

We did get quite a bit of rain and wind and lighting in FW but Tuesday and Wednesday have been drying out. The temps have stayed pretty cool. The Tandy Hills should just about be dried out and be ready for you to take some pictures of wild flowers on your return.