Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lulu Lopez vs. The Wicked Witch Of West Texas & The Queen Of Wink

Yesterday an entity calling herself Zelda Del West commented on a couple of my bloggings. Nice comments, I hit the Publish Button.

Later in the day I clicked on the Zelda Del West link that came with the comment notice.

I soon saw that Zelda Del West had several blogs and websites. Names like West Texas Tumbleweed, Wicked Witch of West Texas, Zelda Del West and Lulu and the Wicked Witch of West Texas.

This morning I saw that the Queen of Wink had freshly blogged on her blog. The last paragraph of the Queen's latest blogging said...

"Strength and courage of mind and heart bottled into a course of action that flows freely like a river, just like the oil that flows freely beneath the life spring of waters in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm not quite sure where my course of action will take me, but be river will flow and you will soon know."

Now, the Queen's realm is Wink. Wink is in West Texas. During the course of getting to know the Queen of Wink I've learned, over time, that she is quite a complex example of Royalty. Not a simple girl like the Queen of England, Elizabeth.

In the past couple months it's become apparent that the Queen of Wink creates, or assumes different personas, sort of like Madonna. Or Cher. Or Hillary Clinton.

For example, currently the Queen of Wink has been attending events with a very young man, I'm not sure if the young man is a teenager or older. This has caused the term "Cougar" to be bandied about. I have been unable to confirm it, but I've been told that "Wink Is Not Cougar Town" was spray painted on the side of the Queen of Wink's barn door.

I did not know the Queen of Wink had a barn.

Lately, reports have gotten back to me that the Queen has gone through a sort of groupie phase, in a persona she calls the Texan Vixen, following a band, the name of which I think is Hot Flash, with the main groupie attention being on the lead singer, who goes by the monicker, I think, of Men'l Pause.

And, then, yesterday, I hear from someone going by the names of Zelda Del West and Lulu Lopez. Zelda and Lulu seem to be rather creative. A book seems to be involved.

Now, what sort of creeps me out is I used to have social intercourse with a heavily medicated psychotic who went by the name of Lulu. Medicated psychotics can be amusing in small doses. Lulu the Psychotic had a friend who's nickname is Zelda.

I'm fairly certain I have never mentioned Zelda to the Queen of Wink, though Zelda does show up in remote areas of my Eyes on Texas website.

I have noticed of late that the Queen of Wink is in a very restless frame of mind, hence that quote above about her unleashing her flooding river. Now I'm wondering, what with the Queen being in West Texas, if it is she who is Zelda Del West and Lulu Lopez?

It is very perplexing. I'll likely now hear from Zelda Del West and Lulu Lopez denying that they are the Queen of Wink. And from the Queen of Wink denying that she is Zelda Del West and Lulu Lopez. Maybe I need to send my investigator, Elsie Hotpepper, to West Texas to investigate.


waldo said...

here is a picture of Zelda from one of her blogs

Durango said...

Thanks Waldo, Zelda does sort of look like the Queen of Wink.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Not a chance Mr. Durango...Zelda is so much prettier than the Queen of Wink...besides...the Queen doesn't have time...she's too busy being a Cougar :-)

Durango said...

I believe you are Zelda. So. How can you be prettier than yourself? I really think you might want to consider not being quite being so brazen about how much you are enjoying being the Wink Town Cougar.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

There's no possible way that I am Zelda, her blog is funny and quite clever...neither quality or ability I possess. Since my date for Friday night is 56...I'm thinking I just lost my Cougar Town Title.

Durango said...

CT2, aka Zelda, you're funny and clever. And if you are in the 80-90 zone your new 56 year old boyfriend would still put you in Cougar Town.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

In a couple of years I should be hitting that age so I assume there's hope for me yet.

I think that Zelda is gonna become very upset when you keep trying to give someone else credit for her amazing blog... :-)

Zelda del West said...

I'm quite sure the Queen you mention is not Zelda del West, as I am Zelda, and I've never met you, nor have I stalked you. (for a fee, I'll consider it, though.) All kidding aside, I just found you when I googled something about Texas and litter. I am from the PNW and find the litter in Texas to be pretty amazing and appalling. I've never seen the like of it.

Durango said...

Well, Zelda, the Queen has been vehemently denying that she is you, so I guess you are confirming that to be the case.

Have you been to the D/FW zone of Texas? The litter here is shocking.

Where in the PNW are you from? West Texas seems a way more dire change from the PNW than my move to D/FW.

Durango said...

CT2---I've now heard from Zelda. She didn't seem to upset about you being her. I'm almost 100% certain, now, that you are not she.

Zelda del West said...

I'm from Oregon, (Southern) and I don't really live in West Texas. I really live in San Antonio, where the litter is so shocking that when my son visited and I took him sight-seeing he ended up taking pictures of the masses of litter and garbage that accumulate everywhere. The West Texas bit is a fictional construct. I have been to D/FW. (grassy knoll, and all) From what I have seen of Texas I definitely believe you that the litter is astonishing.

Durango said...

Zelda, I'm from Oregon too, originally, born in Eugene, then, when 4, moved to the Skagit Valley of Washington. Where I remained til exiled in Texas, except for leaving the valley to go to college.

I'm a bit disappointed that the West Texas bit is a fictional construct. I pictured Zelda del West living out on the fringes of some dinky, dingy West Texas town, house made of rock, dirt driveway, lottsa dust. And 2 cows in the garage.

Funny about your kid taking pics of the San Antonio litter. My one and only time in SA I actually thought it seemed much cleaner than my current location, Fort Worth, aka Dirty Ol' Town.

Years ago I took pics of litter, starting with a macabre mass of it along Turtle Creek in Dallas. An otherwise very scenic area. I was going to make a webpage with the theme being Litter Guerrilla Art, as if it's done on purpose, the random placement of pieces of junk. I know I made something of my Litter Guerrilla Art pics, but right now I'm drawing a blank in the memory department.

Zelda del West said...

Well, actually we have a black mansion out on the dusty plain where we nightly bask in the glow of Marfa's lights and keep watch over a herd of chupacabras. It's a savage place we inhabit here. It's also in a different dimension.

At some point in the last few years San Antonio received the honor of being named one of the dirtiest cities in the US, with good old Portland named cleanest. There's been some attention to the filthy habits of SA lately:

The mayor even did a video about it. Your litter project sounds interesting. Trash as installation: an exploration of the transformation of public space through the application of the cast-offs of consumer culture as protest against the cultural hegemony of dominant modes of aesthetic discourse... well, never mind. Suffice it to say I'm highly skilled at bullshit linguistic strategies for the transformation of nonsense into more convoluted forms of nonsense. But your litter project, could be given an interesting ironic spin in order to point out the absurdity of the Texas acceptance of litter in places that shouldn't be repulsive but are made so by the presence of giant heaps of trash.

Ah, Eugene. I'm here from Ashland and I would love to end my exile here in the near future and return to my place in the ring of fire.

Let me assure you once again, I am not the Zelda you mention, and I have no real friend named Lulu, psychotic or otherwise. I am also not the queen of anything that I know of. At least not yet. I may declare myself queen of something in the near future, though, now that you've brought it up.

Durango said...

Zelda, when you said you were from southern Oregon I figured it wasn't Klamath Falls or Medford, but that a wordy girl like you would likely be from Ashland.

I read somewhere of late that Ashland has a new little problem, or attribute, depending on ones point of view, of people deciding it should be a clothing optional location and proceeding to go with the no clothes option.

That's gotta be exhausting constantly traveling between dimensions. Too bad you can't round up that herd of chupacabras whilst you're basking in the Marfa Lights and transport them back to your other dimension where you could likely sell them for a hefty amount.

How long have you been exiled from the Ring of Fire?

Zelda del West said...

Ashland has always been clothing optional, really. Groups of students have always streaked downtown-- my son did it. It's practically a rite of passage. And near town there's a quarry where the nudists hang, and there's always the occasional naked-goer. What really chapped people's asses about the most recent one is that she was incredibly, brazenly, narcissistically in-your-face. Ashlanders are usually very tolerant of the occasional nudie, but earth friend Jen was a very inconsiderate ass. You know, doing naked yoga in front of the grocery store all day is pathological. The need for attention is stunning and screams "cluster b personality disorder." My attitude about nudists is pretty laissez-faire, but she really abused people's tolerance. Unfortunately, I think Ashland actually ended up passing an anti nudity law, just because of her. It's too bad.

The chupacabras are rather difficult animals, but they have a place in our long-term plans.

I've been exiled going on six years. It's a lonely fate, but there's important work to be done. Cheers. I'll raise a margarita to you tonight.

Durango said...

Zelda, you are making me think it is the Ashland zone of the PNW to which I want to return. Naked yoga in front of a grocery store? I've not lived in such a place. I wonder what would happen, to me, if I did some naked yoga in front of my nearby Krogers, here in Fort Worth? I think I'd likely be soon feeling a taser zap.

Six years? My Texas exile is nearly double yours. Imagine the pain I feel. It's like being on that LOST island, looking for the key to getting off the island the locals call Texas.

Zelda, don't just raise a margarita to me tonight. Drink the thing.

Zelda del West said...

Like I said, though, "earth friend Jen" may well have ruined that for you. She pretty much abused everyone's patience to the breaking point.

Do me a favor: if you decide to go the naked yoga route down at Kroger's please take someone along to video it for Youtube. That could get pretty entertaining.

Twelve long years, eh? Wow. Oh, and don't worry- any margarita that gets within twenty yards of me is a goner.

Durango said...

Zelda, I will try and do the favor you are asking of me.

I must Google to try and find a picture of Ashland Jen in action.

Realizing it has been TWELVE years is very sobering. And. If I let myself dwell on this fact, depressing.

Thank you for letting me know you did not waste a good margarita.

Zelda del West said...

Google "jennifer moss." That'll net you a bunch.