Thursday, March 20, 2008

Alzheimers's Hits Home

I know Alzheimer's is a serious subject and nothing one should make light of. But how does one know if this is what one is dealing with?

I won't name names, but yesterday I agreed to drive someone up to this town called Flower Mound for an appointment. The first thing this person forgot was his wallet. So, I had to buy gas. After driving for a few miles this forgetful person decided to call to make sure the appointment was on track. No phone. Left it at home. Along with the wallet. So, I turned around to head back to the phone. Found the phone. With a message saying the appointment was cancelled.

Now, the above was not too bad. But then today I've had to work with this person on a project and it has been one confusing muddle after another. The confusions bordered on the bizarre. I won't detail them because to do so would not only be laborious, it would also cause me to re-live the pain.

Do Alzheimer's sufferers get a deer in the headlights lost look when they are caught up in a moment of confusion? Do they stammer and stutter a lot? Is there an Alzheimer's for Dummies book?

On a totally different, non-Alzheimer's note, have I mentioned Scarborough Faire and the brouhaha I accidentally caused myself when I webpaged my impressions of my visit to that event a few years back? Well, it's about to start up again, and so I am starting to get emails about it again. I hadn't added any of these to my website for awhile, but today I did, because today's email amused me, so I added it and one I got a couple weeks ago.

You can read those emails and see what awful thing I did that caused so many people to get so upset and others to find it all very funny by going here to read the Feedback from emails and newsgroup postings and here to go to the webpage that caused the death threats.


Anonymous said...

About "Scarbo": I've read the 'report' as well as the angry emails on your site. Funny stuff. I wonder if any of these folks remember this oldie but goodie (had to go to the Internet Wayback Machine to pull this one).

Anonymous said...

Well dagnabbit! My link didn't work. How I ever got my license to use the internet, I'll never know. Just google the Internet Wayback Machine, then enter the url:

Then take a look around the 2003 range. Rich stuff indeed! If they thought that "Mr. Durango's" take on "Scarby" was "hurtful and disrespectful", they should get a load of the renfaire faux pas page or How NOT to dress at the faire. It's a laugh riot!