Sunday, June 28, 2020

Windy Sunday Lake Wichita Walk With 64 Uncensored Photographs

Sunday is always a good day to walk the Lake Wichita promenade atop Lake Wichita Dam via the Circle Trail. Today was a particularly good Sunday to walk the dam, due to clouds blotting out some of the overly HOT sun, and a strong gale force wind chilling what little heat remained.

The photo you see above, looking across the white capped waves at Mount Wichita in the distance, is the furthest I made it today in the walking across the dam project. The wind had become tiresome.

I think some of the haze blotting out the sun is Saharan desert dust. Such was quite noticeable at sunset Saturday night.

Turning around and heading the opposite direction the scene you see below comes into view.

One fisherman trying to cast against the wind from shore, whilst another fisherman risks seasickness from fishing from the rocking and rolling floating fish deck.

That is the newly opened Lake Wichita boardwalk you see jutting out into the lake beyond the floating dock. Those poles sticking out of the water between the floating dock and the boardwalk are the remains of the wooden piers upon which the long gone Lake Wichita Pavilion once sat, before succumbing to a fire in the 1950s.

In the next photo we are heading out towards the new boardwalk, soon to join the three boardwalk walkers you see already walking on the boardwalk.

The above is a different perspective on the new boardwalk, from the view I saw a couple days ago and blogged about in Not Being Bored On Lake Wichita Boardwalk.

I am hoping the wind eventually dies down today, sufficiently so, that a bike ride might seem possibly pleasant later today. I feel as if I am not getting enough endorphins of late.

Yikes. I just looked at my blog to get the link to the previous blogging about the Lake Wichita boardwalk and was appalled to see that Google is now sticking advertisements into the body of the blog post. Previously the ads were inserted only where I indicated they could be inserted.

And that which the blog is now advertising deserves another Yikes! One ad is suggesting you stop using toilet paper, whilst another wants you to click it to see 64 uncensored rare photographs not suitable for all viewers!

Of late I have been thinking about killing my website and ceasing with the blogging. These ads may be what is known as a final straw...

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