Saturday, June 22, 2019

Where In The PNW Are David, Theo & Ruby?

PNW is a short way to say Pacific Northwest, for those who for some reason do not know this. When I saw the photo above which came with that PNW question my first thought was that David, Theo & Ruby must have taken their parental units to the other side of the mountains, also known as Eastern Washington, to some location on the Columbia River. But the beach and the driftwood did not look quite right to be the Columbia River.

And then a second photo arrived with text suggesting that "maybe this view would help".

And with this help I did manage to accurately guess that David, Ruby & Theo were somewhere on the Puget Sound, most likely, maybe, Point Defiance.

And then three more photos arrived, with explanatory text which solved the location mystery...

So I’ll tell you cuz I don’t think you’ll figure it out. We walked from Owen beach at Point Defiance all the way around the tip until we could see the Narrows bridge. It was amazing. We heard that there’s a big drop off where seals hang out and people had recently seen Orcas like ten feet off the beach feeding on the seals. We didn’t see whales but those are seals behind David. I counted 31. You have to do this at low tide and we checked the tide table today and it was a minus tide this afternoon so we hustled over there. So awesome, even with no whales. In the family selfie, you can see the bridge to the right of Kristin’s head. In the pic of me and the kids up high, that’s Vashon sticking out behind us.

That's David with the flock of seals in the water behind him.

I think I can sort of see one of the towers of the twin Tacoma Narrows Suspension bridges to the right of Kristin's curls.

According to the information provided, that is Vashon sticking out into the Sound from the middle of the big rock on which David, Theo, Ruby & Michele are posing.

To those unfamiliar with such things, such as denizens of Fort Worth, Texas, Vashon is what is known as an island, as in its full name is Vashon Island. This is a real island, surrounded by real water of the crystal clear saltwater variety, not an imaginary island which may be one day surrounded by a cement lined ditch.

One can take a ferry boat from Point Defiance to Vashon Island.

So far the ridiculous Fort Worth absurdity which has become America's Biggest Boondoggle has not added ferry boat service to the imaginary wonders of the imaginary project. Though there is a Houseboat District in the Panther Island District of the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

And just this week touring tiny cruise ships have been added as a possibility for floating on the Trinity River, in addition to inner tubing whilst Rockin' the River in polluted brown soup. I've had multiple people point me to the info about those Trinity River touring tiny cruise ships. Maybe I'll get around to looking closer at that new ridiculousness.

And then one final photo arrived...

With the text telling us "Wore this one out! We stopped to get some fresh local strawberries on our way home but Theo had fallen asleep!"

I focused on the fresh local strawberries element of the above. I can not remember when last I had a strawberry which actually tasted like a strawberry. There is a farm near Wichita Falls, I think the name is Young's Farm, but I am not sure. Just a sec, I shall consult Google.

Well, I was close. It is Young's Orchard & Berry Farm.

I have had their blackberries, in cobbler form, at the Wichita Falls Farmers Market. And those blackberries were good. So, I suspect the Young's Orchard & Berry Farm strawberries are likely mighty fine too.

I wonder if the season for picking them is over?

And I also wonder where in the PNW David, Theo & Ruby will be taking us to next?

There has been some mention made of checking out Tacoma's new Dune Peninsula development after its grand opening on July 6,  before David, Theo & Ruby fly their parental units to San Diego for some fun in the sun dodging Pacific Ocean stingrays with Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jack, while their favorite uncle is in Arizona having fun with Grandma...

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