Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Shadow Of The Tandy Hills Thin Man Enjoying Cool Hill Hiking With Beef Stroganoff

Yes, that is the Shadow of the Tandy Hills One-Armed Thin Man you are looking at here.

It is Saturday, with hill hiking the Tandy Hills being my fall back aerobic activity when I can't think of anything better to do to acquire much needed endorphins.

Even though rain fell a couple days ago, I encountered nothing muddy today on the hills. The drought-caused fissures in the trails shrunk a little, post-rain.

The biggest trail improvement I came upon today was the log which, for years, has blocked the trail that leads from Tandy Falls, north to the View Street Trail, has been chainsawed into oblivion.

I do not remember the last time hill hiking was done at such a pleasant temperature as today. Barely 80. With a strong wind.

The only hill hikers I saw today, besides my own shadow, were a young couple with a couple dogs. I encountered them twice. On the second encounter I opined as to what a perfect day it is being, almost cold. To which the guy of the pair said it's almost like a Texas winter day. To which I agreed, saying something like, yeah, those Texas winter days that are not in ice storm mode.

Town Talk is no longer my go to place when I go to the Tandy Hills on Saturday. My new Town Talk visit policy is I go there if I am already in the neighborhood, I don't drive out of my way to go to Town Talk. But, if I am on Beach Street and am driving by, I will stop. Maybe.

I read on the Town Talk website that a new owner took over in 2013. I wonder if that is what has caused the changes, with so much less treasure to be found when one goes treasure hunting at Town Talk.

Having said that I must admit I have been liking the Italian sausage and whole wheat pita bread I got the last time I was at Town Talk, a couple weeks ago.

It is now time for lunch. Beef Stroganoff. I've been feeling Russian lately....

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