Monday, September 7, 2015

On Tandy Hills Searching For Lost Mr. Ed Admiring Fort Worth's Skyline

Earlier today, in the blog post which preceded this one, titled A Stormy Floating Bridge Has Me Freshly Perplexed By Official Fort Worth Nincompoopery I mentioned myself having no luck in my search for an explanation of a confounding conundrum.

To that blogging someone named Anonymous commented, saying, in part, "I thought you were the Oracle of Wifi!"

What is the Oracle of Wifi? One more confounding conundrum.

Today Mr. Ed asked if he could come along on my Tandy Hills hill hiking expedition. I reluctantly agreed. Usually taking Mr. Ed on such an excursion can have unpleasant consequences. Today was no exception, with Mr. Ed getting lost finding his way back to the summit of Mount Tandy.

Upon arrival at the summit of Mount Tandy, starting the hike on the old wagon train trail that points west towards the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth, Mr. Ed remarked that in all the years he has been in Fort Worth the town has not added a single solitary addition to its skyline.

Au contraire, said I.

I reminded Mr. Ed that the Omni Convention Center Hotel has been added to the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth within the last 10 years. The Fort Worth skyline has four semi-tall contributors, with the Convention Center Hotel being the semi-tall contributor on the far left in the photo above.

That photo was taken from the first of the new trails that have been added to the Tandy Hills in the past year. This made for a slightly different look at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth than my usual two photo op locations for Fort Worth skyline photos, those being either the summit of Mount Tandy, or the north end of the View Street Trail.

A strong breeze along with some clouds made the Tandy Hills HOT hill hiking much more pleasant than the HOT hill hiking a couple days ago.

I am sort of looking forward to needing to wear sweatpants to go hill hiking. Those days should soon be here. Well, in a couple months. But time  flies.....

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