Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fosdick Lake Fishing & Stair Climbing Pondering A Mysterious Geyser With Precarious Water Tank Painting

When I exited my abode a little after 11, this morning, to drive to Oakland Lake Park, the temperature was 81, the air felt pleasant, leading me to think I was going to have myself a mighty fine time running up and down the Fosdick Stairs and across Fosdick Dam, without overheating.


Fosdick Lake is only about three miles west of my abode. Somehow in those three miles the temperature jumped almost 10 degrees, causing HOT shock when I exited the air-conditioned comfort of my vehicle.

HOT, with no air moving and humid, extremely humid, due to the copious amount of rain which fell yesterday.

As you can see above, being a little warm did not stop the Fosdick Fishermen from doing their shady angling, under the sun blocking protection of a couple shoreline trees.

As you can also see above, the mysterious Fosdick Geyser continues to burble non stop. The Fosdick Geyser first appeared a couple years ago, at that point in time it was erupting in full fountain mode. Then it disappeared for a long time, and then re-appeared as a burbling geyser.

I have yet to learn how it was the Fosdick Geyser went into eruption mode, suddenly appearing, with no plumbing work in evidence, leading to the eruption.

As I ran around Fosdick Lake today the newly painted big blue water tank I have mentioned previously kept coming in to view. From the Fosdick Lake angle the tank looked totally painted, but I kept seeing what looked like a person, on top, standing, never moving.

On the drive away from Fosdick Lake, when I was on the opposite side of the tank from the Fosdick  Lake view, I stopped to take a picture.

One guy was standing at the very top, secure behind what looked like a circle of fence. The other guy was painting. You can not see it in the picture, but the guy painting was tethered to a rope that was attached to something inside the circle of fence.

My empathy acrophobia kicked in watching the guy doing the painting.

I could not figure out how the paint was being delivered to the stick that the painter was using to apply the paint. And how was the Fort Worth logo applied? The logo is on the other side, as well, that being the view from Fosdick Lake.

Soon after the blue water tank disappeared from my rear view mirror I got gas.

$1.89 a gallon at Exxon on Randol Mill Road and 820. I need to call my mom......

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