Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fort Worth Weekly Critic's Choice Blog Is Not What You Are Reading Right Now

Today I finally was able to procure a hard copy of this week's Fort Worth Weekly, that being the eagerly anticipated annual Best of Fort Worth edition.

Readers are asked to pick the Best in several categories, such as Getting & Spending, People & Places, Good Grub, Culture and On The Town.

Each category has sub-categories where the readers submit what they think is the Best in Fort Worth.

For example, in Getting & Spending readers are asked to pick the Best place to get cigars. The Reader's Choice was Pop's Safari. The Critic's Choice was Tobacco Lane.

The Critic's Choice part of Fort Worth Weekly's annual Best of Fort Worth edition has always struck me as odd. They solicit the opinion of Readers. And then over and over again indicate the Reader's choice is wrong, that this is the Critic's Choice. And who are these Critics?

I suspect not all that many Readers bother to submit choices, so those Critics have to fill in the blank spaces with their choices. This is the biggest edition of FW Weekly of the year. Chock full of advertising. Advertisers love to get that coveted "Best of" accolade, which they then promote in their advertisements.

Now, regarding the Critic's Blog Choice of the Star-Telegraph, the Critics tell us the Star-Telegraph is a reminder that watchdogging still has a place.

Okay, well, that really makes no sense. Why do we need a reminder that watchdogging still has a place?

Regarding the Star-Telegraph blog, you can find a link to it on this very blog you are reading right now, on the list of blogs you will find on the column on the right.

A time or two or maybe more I have been asked if I know who does the Star-Telegraph blog. I think I get asked this because a time or two or maybe more the Star-Telegraph blog has linked to something I have spewed on my blog.

My boilerplate answer to this probing question is that I do have a fairly good idea who it  is who does the Star-Telegraph blog. And that it is not Betsy Price, who many think is the culprit...

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