Sunday, August 16, 2015

Has Rain Fallen On North Texas Since June 1st?

A week ago, or maybe two, Spencer Jack emailed me that which you see here.

I am fairly certain that in the week or two since Spencer Jack sent me this Western Washington has had some rain fall.

Just yesterday I read a Washingtonian whining about rain being a bit of a bother at an outdoor wedding.

At my current location in Texas I can not remember the last time I saw a raindrop drip. Was it in June that the Texas drought came to an abrupt end? Or was that late May?

Vexing age related memory woes.

Time does seem to be flying faster all the time. Already half of August is gone. Soon getting in the pool will go from being refreshing to being chilling.

Followed by the dreaded Holiday Season....

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Steve A said...

It has certainly been pretty dry in the Ocean Shores Rain Forest.