Saturday, May 2, 2015

Repeating Myself About A Dallas Contribution To Conservative Talk Radio

Back in March, on one of my other blogs I blogged The Conservative Truth Is Seattle Restaurants Are Not Closing Due To The New $15 Minimum Wage.

Unlike the town I currently live in, Seattle has a couple actual newspapers. One of those newspapers, the Seattle Times, pointed out that no Seattle restaurant was closing due to the raised minimum wage.

Did those FOX news types and conservative talk radio mouths, like the Dallas contribution to that art form, you see above, Ben Ferguson, share the truth about Seattle's restaurants not closing when they learned they were spouting lies? I don't know, but I suspect no mention was made of the unfortunate truth.

I can only take listening to Ben Ferguson or Rush Limbaugh in very short doses.

The day after the Baltimore riots I heard Ben Ferguson repeat over and over and over again that that now infamous mom, who was caught on camera beating her rioting son, should be Mother of the Year. And over and over and over again asking where are the dads? Where are the black dads? Why are there no black dads out there stopping their kids from rioting?

The next day another photo went viral, world-wide, that being a photo of a line of black dads protecting a line of Baltimore police behind them.

Did Ben Ferguson see that and mention it on his show? Over and over again. I suspect not, but like I already said, I can only take listening to him in very short doses.

The day I heard him repeat that Mother of the Year nonsense over and over again I Googled Ben Ferguson, curious was I to match a face to the annoying voice. So, that would be Ben Ferguson above, on CNN. Why would CNN have that guy on cameera?

When I Googled Ben Ferguson I was surprised to see there is a short Wikipedia Ben Ferguson entry.

One paragraph in the Wikipedia Ben Ferguson article greatly amused me. Before I get to that, first part of what I wrote about Ben Ferguson on that Seattle restaurants not closing blogging...

I can only take listening to Ben Ferguson for about 15 minutes. He has an annoying tendency to repeat himself. Over and over again. He repeats himself.

See what I did there?

In addition to repeating himself, over and over again, Ben Ferguson is also very fond of various iterations of "you're an idiot", in sentences such as "If you think that you're an idiot." Every time I hear Ben Ferguson repeat his "you're an idiot" phrase it crosses my mind to assume that he has had that phrase directed at himself all his life, because, well, he comes across, to me, as a bit of an idiot.

The bit that amused me in the Wikipedia article was the article's mention of Ben Ferguson's tendency to repeat himself, over and over and over again....

"A prominent element of Ferguson's broadcast style is to immediately repeat most statements two, three, or four times for emphasis."

I think Wikipedia is being very generous in describing Ben Ferguson's repetitiveness as a broadcast style. To me it makes him sound idiotic, like he can not think of anything else to say. Or that he has to stretch out his talking until finally someone calls in to his show....

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