Friday, May 22, 2015

I Don't Need A Government Permission Slip To Buy An Allen Patterson T-Shirt

This morning I received instructions from my primary blog content instructor instructing me to post that which you see here.

Along with a link to the Tarrant County Libertarian Party website.

As you can see, I usually always do what my primary instructor instructs me to do.

I was unable to attend last night's Allen Patterson celebration at the Stagecoach Ballroom. I blogged about my absence in I Am Missing The Celebration Of The Resumption Of The Vices Of Allen Patterson.

I assumed the reason I was instructed to link to the Tarrant County Libertarian Party website was because that website was where one could get oneself one of the t-shirts you see here. However, when I clicked the link I did not find such.

UPDATE: T-shirts can ordered by emailing Brook Bailey at and paid for via the Tarrant LP site.

My instructor sent me the version of the t-shirt you see above, with the message that "Allen Patterson is my Homeboy" along with the "I don't need a Government Permission Slip" version you see below on the left.

My instructor did not send me the image you see below. I found that image on my own without any instructions. This added yet one more t-shirt version, with the additional one saying "FREE Market Economics. It's This simple. I'd like to Purchase your Labor. I'd like to Purchase your Product."

Money raised via the selling of these t-shirts goes into a college fund for Allen's daughter. Which seems to me to be a very worthy cause.

Regarding last night's Celebration of the Resumption of his Vices (and the t-shirts) Allen had this to poignantly say this morning on Facebook....

I've never understood it when someone wins an award and then says "I'm humbled by this." It seems to me that you're humbled when people throw rotten vegetables or dead fish at you.If you are awarded in some way you'd say "I'm honored by this." 

But I get it now. I get it. I'm truly humbled by this night. I'm not worthy of what all was done for me and for my family.. Saying that I'm humbled doesn't even come close to making the point. Thank you all so very, very much. The state Libertarian Party now has something going called The Allen Patterson award? 

Allen Patterson T-shirts? 

You folks have thrown all this on the wrong person. What the hell am I going to do if anything bad ever happens to John Spivey?? Get a stretch of Tom Landry highway named after him? 

Seriously, folks, that was way over the top. I really can't thank you all enough for being there for me during this bad stretch, and thank you all so very, very much for being part of my life. I'm fighting as hard as I can to experience as much more of it as possible. 

And yeah, I'm humbled. I get it now...

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Brook Bailey said...

Tshirts can be ordered by emailing me at and paid for via the Tarrant LP site.