Saturday, May 16, 2015

Has An Automated Survey Asked How You Voted In The TRWD Election & If You Are Going To Scarborough Faire?

A few weeks ago, way back in April, Fort Worth Weekly's cover article was titled TWRD v. FOES.

I blogged about the article and its unfortunate TWRD typo in Fort Weekly Does Not Know I Am A Foe Of The TWRD followed by In Fort Worth Weekly Is J.D. Granger Exhibit A For The TRWD Prosecution Or The Defense?

A week ago an election took place in Fort Worth Weekly's vicinity. However in this week's post-election Fort Worth Weekly no mention is made of the TRWD and its foes and their part in the election.

Only in the STATIC column was tepid mention made of the election.

Methinks, no, mefears, that Fort Worth has lost its only vestige of a real newspaper. Something has gone awry with Fort Worth Weekly.

This week's cover article asks that Simon & Garfunkel question from a half century ago, Are You Going to Scarborough Faire? With a sub-heading telling us that The Renaissance is still all the rage in Waxahachie.

The article came across to me like one extremely long advertisement, with a lot of photos. This article, about a family oriented venue, also marks the first time I have noticed an FW Weekly feature article featuring barnyard vulgarisms and the F-word.

I made an F-word free webpage of my visit, years ago to Scarborough Faire. That webpage managed to generate the most comments, some with the F-word, of anything I have ever done. You can read some of them, freed of profanity, in Scarbo Feedback.

Now back to TRWD v. FOES.

This morning an interesting comment showed up commenting on a blogging yesterday about Ballot Bandits....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ballot Bandit Tips On How To Steal An Election In Texas": 

Just got an automated survey asking about how I voted in the TRWD election. Seems inquiring minds want to know... This could get interesting.

An automated survey? Over the phone? How would that work? I voted in the TRWD election. But I don't recollect leaving my phone number anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Here's how I think it works: File an open records request for people that voted in the election. Match that info (name, address) with some other big honking database. Voila! you've got a phone number.

The questions went like this: Did you vote in the TRWD election? (yes, no). How did you vote? (mail, early, in person). Then it asked a couple of complex question about who you voted for, e.g. how many did you vote for, then listed the candidates. Can't remember verbatim.

Stated several times that responses would be anonymous. I answered truthfully. The number that originated the survey 817-345-1202. The name on the caller ID: Harris Phillip.

Durango said...

Thanks Anonymous. Methinks a previous comment maker, also named Anonymous, was right when he or she said "This is going to get interesting...."