Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When It Comes To TRWD Law Breaking Are Marty Leonard & Jim Lane Part Of The Problem?

This morning, for the first time this TRWD board election season I found a mailing from the Craig Bickley/Michele Von Luckner campaign in my mailbox.

I have found at least three mailings in my mailbox from the TRWD incumbents, Marty Leonard and Jim Lane, and their co-conspirators in propaganda spewing, Betsy Price and Mike Moncrief.

It is interesting to make note of the differences between the TRWD incumbent's campaign mailer and the TRWD opponent's mailer.

The incumbent's propaganda productions have been poster sized, too big to fit on my large scanner bed.

The opponent's mailer easily fit on my large scanner bed. So, I scanned both sides and morphed the result into one image, which you see above.

The TRWD incumbent's campaign mailer features big headlines warning about the imaginary evil Dallas businessman's plot to take over Fort Worth's water. Other than the Bogeyman warnings the incumbent's large mailing is rather sparse with information, and what information is there is blatant puffed up propaganda.

Meanwhile the TRWD opponent's campaign mailer, whilst significantly smaller, manages to include a lot of information, in the form what are known as facts.

Like a headline which states the fact that "IT PAYS TO KNOW JIM LAND AND MARTY LEONARD..." next to a paragraph which details one of the TRWD's more blatant acts of corruption, that being rescuing Jim Lane's friend, Carl Bell, from his financial woes by paying $16,000,000 for land appraised at $9,010,000, on which the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century was built.

Clyde Picht also makes note of the TRWD Bellgate Scandal in a letter to the editor in yesterday's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which you can read in a Star-Telegraph post titled Clyde says...

The TRWD opponent's campaign mailer also has a couple good quotes from Fort Worth Weekly. Such as this...

"It's well known that top water district officials put relatives on the agency's lucrative payroll. But ask the agency for a list of relatives who work there. Ask how many of Oliver's relatives work there. You won't get straight answers. You'll get a non-answer from a lawyer."
Fort Worth Weekly - July 2, 2014

And this....

Fort Worth Weekly - November 21, 2014

The TRWD opponent's mailer includes a list of priorities, including focusing the TRWD's budget on increasing water levels, while reducing spending on private development. Getting rid of the deer lease, the ice skating rink and the TRWD's restaurant. Plus increase TRWD transparency by responding to open record requests in the legally mandated manner.

In addition to getting rid of the deer lease, ice rink and restaurant, I think a few other dubious TRWD developments should be undeveloped. Such as some of the poorly designed eyesores, like Cowtown Wakepark and Panther Island Pavilion, where there is no island  or pavilion.

And a stop should be put to rockin' the river in inner tubes until the Trinity River is flowing with clean, clear water suitable for fish and humans....

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