Monday, April 6, 2015

I Saw The Grass Was Greener Before My Nephew Bounced My Welfare Check From The Fort Worth Police

Soon after dawn broke this morning I found myself having a mighty fine time dodging a few incoming raindrops whilst getting aerobic stimulation and the resulting endorphins gained by moving around in a not too cool pool.

By the time the sun reached its halfway point in its daily move across the sky I thought a bike ride would have a salubrious effect on my well being.

I am rapidly aging, which my favorite nephew, Jason, reminded me of, via a text message, which temporarily interrupted today's wheel rolling, reminding me I need all the endorphins I can find to counter that rapidly aging thing.

As you can see, above, my neighborhood golf course has gone from brown to green since I last took my handlebars to look at it.

I saw several big patches of bluebonnets along the freeway on Saturday. Green grass and bluebonnets.

Spring is actually here.

In addition to those signs of spring, the temperature at my location is currently 72. Seems like only a week or two ago I was scraping ice off my windows.

Changing the subject from ice to me being an aging uncle.

That which you see here is a screen cap of the text message my favorite nephew, Jason, text messaged me with whilst I was rolling my wheels.

I guess this explains today's incident where a Fort Worth cop pulled me over, with me thinking I was going to get a ticket for not wearing a helmet, but then he just said nevermind, continue on your way, apparently due to Jason telling the Fort Worth police to disregard that aging uncle welfare check.

I suppose I should be grateful that I have a nephew who is looking out for my welfare from a couple thousand miles away....

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