Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Embarrassingly Idiotic TRWD Election Propaganda Finally Showed Up In My Mailbox

This morning, finally, some of the more than a half million dollars non-evil Dallas businessmen have funneled to the re-election campaigns of TRWD board incumbents, Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, showed up in my mailbox.

Showed up in the form of a slick poster-sized piece of embarrassing propaganda, which I had already seen in other forms, but never face to face in all its demented glory.

The poster was too big for my scanner, so I laid it on the floor so as to snap a picture.

No, that is not my hand appearing to have an unseemly hold on a shaft of water.

I assume that hand represents the evil hand of the evil Dallas businessman, Monty Bennett, and his nefarious plot to take over Fort Worth and its vulnerable water supply.

Are these unscrupulous TRWD incumbents actually going to continue to run on this embarrassing Stop the Dallas businessman idiocy?

Either these TRWD incumbents and their campaign advisers are incredibly stupid and actually believe this is a legit accusation to be making.

Or these TRWD incumbents think the voters or so stupid they will buy in to this idiotic scare tactic.

Maybe it is a combo of both.

Isn't it interesting that the TRWD incumbent's propaganda makes no mention of the wonders their management has brought to the Fort Worth, Tarrant County and North Texas water and flood control needs?

No mention is made of the millions of dollars wasted trying to use the courts to take water from Oklahoma, wasted til the Supreme Court told the TRWD to knock it off.

No mention made of the current Biggest Boondoggle in America, boondoggling along now for well over a decade, with little to show for the money spent.

Well, there are those three little bridges supposedly currently under construction, due to be ready to carry traffic from the mainland to an imaginary island in about four years.

I can't imagine why the TRWD incumbents don't trumpet all that the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle has accomplished.

Why isn't TRWD incumbent, Jim Lane, sharing with the voters how he helped finagle spending almost $20 million of taxpayer TRWD money to buy a chunk of land from a bankrupt friend? Land valued at far less than what the TRWD paid for it.

Land on which then was built the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century.

How is that Coyote Drive-In working out? About as successful as the TRWD/TRV Boondoggle's world premiere urban wakeboard park?

I know the TRWD election is stacked in favor of the good ol' boy and girl network who run Fort Worth in what is known as the Fort Worth Way.

Just the bizarre gerrymandering determining what areas in the "district" get to actually vote is yet one more symptom of the corruption which is the TRWD. Why would not all the voters who live in areas which buy their water from the TRWD get to vote in a TRWD  election? How did this bizarre usurpation of voter's rights come to be? Why is it allowed to continue?

So much is so perplexing about Texas. I should blog about a conversation I had with a Washingtonian who was perplexed about the TRWD Scandals, after reading about it on my blog, and filtering it through his Washington sensibility, where the local water utility is totally non-controversial, does not involve itself in economic development, does not abuse eminent domain to take property, does not own private hunting preserves, does not build slow motion bridges over nothing or organize inner tube float beer parties in the totally un-polluted Skagit River.

I told the Washingtonian he had no concept of how twisted the government is in Texas, that it is way worse than the really embarrassing stuff that gets national attention.

I asked the Washingtonian what he thought the Texas Railroad Commission did.

Uh, regulate the state's railroads?

Yeah, that's what a logical person might think, said I, but logic and the way things are done in Texas often are not in the same room.....

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