Friday, April 10, 2015

Craig Bickley Does Not Believe In The Dallas Bogeyman But He Does Know Who The Lawn Whisperer Is

I think what you are looking at here may be an artist's rendering of last night's Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods meeting.

I learned of this meeting a few minutes ago via the Star-Telegraph blog in a blogging titled FWLNA Meeting, that being a meeting at which, apparently, TRWD board incumbent Jim Lane found himself outwitted by TRWD board candidate, Craig Bickley.

A few minutes after reading about the FWLNA meeting I was on Facebook where I saw this artistic interpretation of last night's meeting, with Jim Lane as a ranting caveman accusing Craig Bickley of not believing in the Bogeyman.

In TRWD vernacular, the Bogeyman is the Dallas businessman, Monty Bennett, who is the evil mastermind conniving to take control of Fort Worth's water in a nefariously complicated plot worthy of a James Bond movie.

In other words the TRWD incumbents are not running on their embarrassing record, they are running on the Stop The Evil Dallas Businessman From Taking Over Fort Worth time-tested campaign tactic of attacking a bogus straw man.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know the Lawn Whisperer does promotional campaigns for both the Tarrant Regional Water District and Dallas Water Utilities. Dallas!

The Eppstein Group in Fort Worth/Austin and The Wolf Group out of Dallas created the Lawn Whisperer. The Wolf Group from Dallas also lists the TRWD as one of their clients. Dallas!

Moreover, no one I know of trots out the Fort Worth versus Dallas chestnut more than Dud Kennedy. Dud brought it up just this week as a matter of fact. Dallas! Go participate in another video for a Dallas concern, Dud!

I know precisely what Dud & Mike Norman will say when they endorse Leonard & Lane for reelection. You and most people reading this probably do too.