Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Last Minute BBQ Invite Has Me Heading To Washington This Afternoon If I Can Book A Flight

Early on this next to last Saturday afternoon of April I was in the midst of the preparations needed in order for me to make the trek northwest from my current location to Lake Eagle Mountain, to the boat formerly known as Laurderdale's on the Lake, now known as Boondocks, when I got a text message from Spencer Jack's dad with an invitation that has me making a change of plans and heading further northwest than Lake Eagle Mountain.

Apparently this afternoon my favorite nephews, Joey and Jason, are throwing an impromptu BBQ potluck celebrating their parental units 40th wedding anniversary, extending the invite all the members of the original wedding party.

If I catch a plane by two I should be in Mount Vernon in plenty of time, what with moving back in time a couple hours by heading to the Pacific time zone.

I don't know what I can do about that bringing a favorite dish part of the invite.

I remember that original wedding quite clearly. My brother was annoyed at me because I made it at the last minute, not making it home the day before for the rehearsal. I got in my wedding tuxedo about an hour before the event. Only a couple of us in the wedding party successfully fit into our tuxedos.

I wonder if Jason and Joey know that the best man at their parental unit's wedding totally split open his pants right before the wedding started. That's right boys, Steve Mueller's tux tail covered his pants, which were split wide open.

I do not know if my brother and his first wife will be at this 40th wedding anniversary BBQ. I guess time will tell....


Steve A said...

If you need a place to stay, drive to Ocean Shores and we've got an extra bedroom and a kayak. My profile has my email.

Durango said...

Thanks, Steve A. I've not been to Ocean Shores since 2004. I suspect the place has change some in the 11 years since I've visited.