Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shivering One More Time Under A Blanket Of Texas Snow

Just as predicted, this fifth morning of March snow blankets the outer world at my frigid location on the planet.

I ventured out, briefly, to take the picture you see here, looking over a snow covered  lounge chair through my patio prison bars to the snow covered hot tub.

It seems like a long time since I had myself a pleasant early morning soak in that hot tub.

Back in the era of global warming, before the arrival of this modern era ice age, March was the month when swimming in the un-heated pool always became doable.

Below are the current Texas weather  conditions, gleaned this morning from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I am seeing a bright, clear blue sky from my vantage point. Definitely not "mostly cloudy" as indicated above.

25 degrees? I've read nothing about those 25 degrees being a record breaker. It seems that those 25 degrees should be a record breaker for this formerly warm part of the planet.

This winter has been the most wintry winter in Texas since I have been in Texas. My memory of wintry winters in Washington is fading, but I think this wintry winter in Texas may be the worst winter, wintry weather wise I have ever experienced...


Anonymous said...

Cowtown does have the best of everything there's no doubt about that.

You should read Mayor Betsy's State of the City address which includes the following nugget:

"If you can't find it in Fort Worth you flat don't need it."

A Forter or Fort Worther made the comment to the mayor and she repeated it in her speech.


Steve A said...

OTOH, it is sunny again today in Ocean Shores. Lawn mowing soon...