Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Star-Telegram Needs To Be Spanked For Its Unreasonable Endorsement Of Kay Granger

 I returned from a biking inspection of my neighborhood to find an email with a subject line I'd not seen before.

"Spank 'em!".

The 'em being referred to is Fort Worth's prolific propaganda purveyor, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the mouthpiece of the good ol' network which runs Fort Worth helping keeping the Fort Worth Way of operating alive and kicking, despite a lot of people alive and kicking trying to bring progressive modern American times to Fort Worth and its surrounding area.

The "Spank 'em!" email in its entirety....


The Star-Telegram has issued its non-endorsement in our race today, and we hope that you will help barrage them with Letters-to-the Editor in protest. While these won’t change their decision, it will take them to task for their irresponsibility in filling an important advisory role to the voters, and raise our campaign’s profile in the process.  

Their tepid endorsement of Granger reads:

“Granger, a former Fort Worth mayor, was elected in 1997 to serve House District 12 (western Tarrant County, all of Parker County and the southeastern portion of Wise County). She’s vice chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Democrat Mark Greene has raised the profile of the race, but neither he nor Libertarian Ed Colliver can overcome Granger’s name recognition and leadership.”

Again, Granger voted for the sequester, to shut down the government, twice to default on the debt, against funding CHIP, against equal pay for women, and steamrolled the Trinity River Vision project into being – a huge and irresponsible burden around the necks of her constituents.

We shared our thoughts on our Facebook page this morning:

“We are clearly disappointed that the Star-Telegram sees its role as that of handicapper, rather than as a reasoned evaluator of legislative competence and vision. It is a safe stance to take, but clearly not one helpful to voters seeking more from their elected representatives than they are currently getting...”

While the Star-Telegram’s endorsement/non-endorsement was not unexpected, the fact that they present no grounds on which to support Granger over us – with Congress’ approval ratings near single digits and her party veering badly off the rails, leaves ample room for criticism. Again, letters must be under 200 words, in your own words, accompanied by your contact information, and received timely. Mail to: letters@star-telegram.com.

Thanks for all you do,

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Anonymous said...

The Star-Telegram is less relevant today than they were yesterday. And they will be less relevant tomorrow than they are today.