Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Not Greene Pillow Queen

This morning Elsie Hotpepper sent me a link to an amusing Letter to the Editor in yesterday's Fort Worth Star-Telegram printed under the heading Granger vs. Greene.

Til I read this letter I had never heard J.D. Granger's mama referred to a a Pillow Queen.

A Pillow Queen who works only to feather her own nest.

That is the letter screencapped above and copied in its entirety below....

In U.S. House District 12, we have a pillow queen (who works only to feather her own nest) for a congresswoman.

In 18 years in office, she has authored few bills that were enacted. Her latest attempt, a bill in support of the Republican effort to paint the surge in children at the border as a crises, failed miserably. Even some Republicans refused to support her.

Despite years of failure, Pillow Queen has voted for millions of dollars for a project headed by her son.

Her opponent is Democratic centrist Mark Greene, an independent small businessman who has striven to accumulate wealth through work, not cronyism.

A native Texan and lifelong DFW resident, Mark wants an economy that creates well-paying jobs for every able-bodied Texan.

In District 12, the choice is clear: Pillow Queen or Mark Greene.

— Laurin McLaurin,


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