Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Me & The Indian Ghosts & A Lot Of Other People At Village Creek Today

Those are my handlebars overlooking the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's Blue Bayou which is currently not blue, today around noon.

I was in that particular neighborhood due to needing to take possession of some vittles from Walmart and ALDI.

I got gas today, but did not call my mom. It was not convenient to call at the time I got the gas at the extremely cheap price of $2.89.

I remember way back in July of 2001, driving north to Washington, paying $1.19 in Amarillo, thinking that was high. Then I got off the freeway in La Grande, Oregon to find myself being appalled to see gas was $1.79. The price continued to rise the further north and west I got.

The good ol' days.

And now $2.89 seems like a bargain.

Being in the 70s, and by 70s I am referring not to the decade in the previous century, but to the temperature, we are that sweet spot, heat-wise, when oodles of temperature sensitive Texans take themselves outdoors for some park fun. I don't recollect ever seeing so many people enjoying the pleasant weather at Village Creek as I saw today.

Lots of young, healthy looking people. Geezers, like me. Women with dogs. Men with dogs. A pair of joggers pretty much jogging in what appeared to my eyes to be bikinis. Multiple bikers. A young good-looking hippie-looking couple laying on a blanket, having a picnic. I have rarely seen that type scene in a Texas park. It is usually too HOT to be on the ground.

That and fire ants can be vexing.

Anyway, I had myself a mighty fine time rolling my wheels today with the Indian Ghosts who haunt Village Creek.

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