Saturday, October 11, 2014

At Fosdick Lake Walking By Uprooted Trees With Wildflowers Prior To A Town Talk Visit Ending South Of The Border

Inclement weather, in the form of rain mixed with some thunder, last night, again rendered Gateway Park and the Tandy Hills likely muddy, so, just like last Saturday, I opted to walk around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park for my Saturday pre-Town Talk communing with nature.

The wind damage from the storm two Thursday's ago is still in evidence all over Oakland Lake Park. The fallen trees have been chainsawed into pieces, for the most part, with the brush and wood chunks gathered in dozens of piles, either awaiting being picked up or dried up enough to become a few dozen bonfires.

Most of the tree damage was in the form of the wind snapping off a chunk of a tree, or snapping the tree midway up the trunk. The tree remains you see above is the only instance I saw where the wind totally yanked the tree out of the ground, leaving a big hole, currently filled with water.

Yesterday the outer world was heated well into the 90s, with shorts being my only outerwear for most of the day. This morning the outer world was chilled to somewhere in the 50s, making the pool feel much warmer than the air. Out and about today I was in long pants with a long sleeved shirt. And was still a bit chilly whilst walking, at first. Eventually I warmed up, a little. Currently, at 2 in the afternoon, we are still chilled into the 50s, 59 to be precise.

Changing the subject back to walking around Fosdick Lake.

The past week or two I've been seeing the wildflower you see below sprouting colorful at the various locations I find myself rolling or walking.

I don't remember wildflowers blooming this time of the year. But, my memory is very faulty, so I've likely forgotten. I'm thinking maybe renowned Fort Worth Horticulturist, CatsPaw may be able to identify this late bloomer.

Every gas station I came across today whilst out and about had gas under $3. The cheapest I saw was $2.93.

The Town Talk parking lot was near capacity, filling me with a little dread of a crowd inside. But, inside the store was not overcrowded and I had zero wait in the checkout line to get a case of yogurt made from soy and coconut, a big bag of orange, yellow and red mini-sweet peppers, cheese from my home country of Holland, red beans, white spuds, orange carrots and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

Leaving Town Talk I headed north on Beach Street with the El Rancho Supermercado as my destination. I wanted some of their hot out of the oven flour tortillas. That and I find this store to be like a trip south of the border.

Speaking of tortillas. Hunger pains are telling me it is time now to make me some bean and cheese tortillas.

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