Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Anonymous Comment Regarding Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price's Empathy For The Plight Of The Poor

No that is not Fort Worth mayor, Betsy Price, attired in Roman garb, addressing the Fort Worth Senate, I mean, city council.

This morning in my incoming email there was a blog comment from that ubiquitous commenter named Anonymous. Well, actually there was no comment from Anonymous, as in no words, just a link to a YouTube video.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price Has No Comment About 30 Day Evictions of 100s In Her Town": 

That is a screencap from the Anonymous YouTube video above. Basically the video is a Roman metaphor for the heartless City of Fort Worth city government in regards to the plight of poor people being evicted from their homes with only 30 days to get out.

In the video we see the Fort Worth city councilman, above, address the Fort Worth city council. This particular Fort Worth city councilman pleads with the council on behalf of the poor and their housing needs.

The Fort Worth city council, with the mayor leading them, then collectively give their reply to the plea to help the poor, which you can hear for yourself below.....

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