Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Thin Layer Of Transparent Silica Kept Hail From Hitting Me This Afternoon

Thunderstorms with hail possible was the prediction for today.

Thunderstorms have become sort of rare in formerly frequently booming Texas.

It seems the norm in recent times is for predicted storms to predictably not materialize.

Well, today the predicted storm arrived just as predicted. The sky darkened, the wind grew strong, thunder started booming in the distance, then all hell, I mean hail, broke loose.

The biggest hail I have ever been pummeled with.

Well, I myself did not get pummeled, but the windows between me and the outer world took a noisy beating, with the beating being so loud I thought the hail was going to break through.

Calm has now returned. But, my phone just went off yet again with yet one more AccuWeather National Weather Service Severe Thunderstorm Warning. So, I guess it is not over yet.

The video below sort of gives you an idea of the ferocity of this afternoon's hailstorm.

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