Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walking In Arlington With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Thinking About A Self-Important Martinet Raging Psychotic Nonsense

With it not quite 100 degrees I thought it seemed to be a good idea to go for a refreshing walk with the Village Creek Natural Historical Area Indian Ghosts today in the shade of big oak trees.

As you can see via the photo evidence, the Village Creek Blue Bayou is no longer blue. It is now the Village Creek Green Bayou.

Speaking of the temperature.

And who isn't?

Earlier today, after I blogged about today's North Texas HEAT, Steve A, currently vacationing up north, commented on the North Texas HEAT,  letting me know it is going to be hot today in the Pacific Northwest, with hot there being in the high 80s in Seattle and 68 for the high in Ocean Shores, which is Steve A's location today, enjoying the cool breezes blowing in from the Pacific.

Whilst walking today I was pondering the mystery of DeepTex2013, that being the person who emailed me a copy of the letter Mary Kelleher sent to the TRWD's General Manager, Jim Oliver. I blogged about this letter in a blogging titled What Is TRWD General Manager Jim Oliver Afraid Will Be Exposed With Full TRWD Transparency?

Apparently very few people were in possession of this letter and those few people were very surprised and not a little disoriented to see it show up on a blog.

During the course of my pondering, whilst walking, thinking about the bad behavior of Jim Oliver brought to mind Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, which I finished reading yesterday. There is a scene in that book where one of the partisans is trying to get a dispatch to a general and finds himself thwarted, temporarily, by a self-important martinet, raging psychotic nonsense.

I really don't think self-important martinets, prone to raging psychotic nonsense, should be employed by a public agency, let alone paid over $300,000 a year.

That is what I concluded during today's walk with the Indian Ghosts.


Timothy Nold said...

Just an emailed leak? You didn't get a garage meeting? Perhaps this is the true reason for the many visits to Fosdick Lake?

Steve A said...

What has the Star Telegram reported on this? Never mind. We both know the answer.