Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa You Better Not Disappoint Spencer Jack On Christmas Morning

Spencer Jack's Cookies & Dear Santa Note
The past day or two I ran out of any Happy Holiday material with which to do some Happy Holiday themed blogging.

This morning, on Facebook, via Spencer Jack's favorite girl friend, Brittney, I came upon some fresh Happy Holiday themed material in the form of Spencer Jack's note for Santa Claus.

Spencer Jack is only 5 years old, and already he is one smart cookie. A smart cookie who already knows how to read and write.

I was also able to read and write before I started school. It must be genetic.

Spencer Jack figured out that it was very unlikely that Santa could possibly make all his deliveries, world-wide, by only working the night before Christmas. Spencer figured Santa likely starts making deliveries early in December, so Spencer has been laying out fresh cookies each night, next to his Dear Santa note.

Below is Spencer Jack's note for Santa, detailing what Spencer wants for Christmas. I hope Santa is able to do a better job of deciphering Spencer's list than I am able to do.

If Spencer Jack follows in his Great Uncle's footsteps, by the time he is 7 he will be totally disillusioned with Santa Claus, declaring the entire Christmas enterprise to be a total fraud.

So, to keep Spencer Jack's current Santa illusions alive as long as possible, methinks great effort must be made to actualize whatever it is that is on Spencer's list and make sure these items are under his tree come Christmas morning.

The only thing I can make out for sure that is on Spencer's list is "I WANT A BOUNCY BALL." I have a big bouncy ball that sits in my living room. I suppose I could wrap it up and mail it to Mount Vernon.

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