Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7 May Be A Date That Will Live In Infamy For One River Legacy Jackrabbit

Today is the second day in a row I've had lunch with a friendly armadillo. Actually it is the armadillo who is having lunch, I just watch.

Yesterday's armadillo was at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area, today's was at River Legacy Park, whilst biking the mountain bike trail.

Today's armadillo was more friendly than yesterday's.

It was a rather wild wildlife day at River Legacy today, even before I had lunch with the armadillo.

Not long after I entered the park I was startled by a jackrabbit jackrabbiting at high speed across my path. I was a fraction of a millisecond into being startled by the jackrabbit jackrabbiting when I was even more startled to see a bobcat fast on the jackrabbit's tail.

There was no way I could possibly have been quick enough to get a picture of the bobcat chasing lunch. I hit the brakes and watched the duo disappear into the jungle of trees.

Changing the subject from the ruthless law of the jungle to the odd fact that only minutes ago did I realize that today is that one day of the year that President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated would live in infamy, December 7, Pearl Harbor Day.

And yet, even though this day, due to the unfortunate event 71 years ago, is supposed to live in infamy, I have seen no mention made anywhere, not in the online new sources I look at, not on the radio, not on the cable news, not on the 4 History Channels I get on my TV.

I suppose mentioned has been made about this being Pearl Harbor Day and I missed it.

That, or this day is not nearly as infamous as it used to be. We have had an infamous day, or two, since December 7, 1941. November 22, 1963 comes to mind. As does September 11, 2001.

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