Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Checking Out One Of My Woodhaven Neighborhood Chesapeake Restoration Projects

Months ago one of my neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale Natural Gas Pad Sites started up the long process of inserting pipe underground so non-odorized natural gas could be moved to another location.

As part of that pipe laying operation Chesapeake Energy removed the Woodhaven sign that sat at the northwest corner of Bridgewood and Boca Raton. This had been a landscaped brick installation.

When this was removed I wondered how it is that Chesapeake Energy gets permission to do such things. Is is some variant of abusing eminent domain? Quite a large area was bulldozed, heavy equipment brought in, noise abatement walls installed. A big mess.

And then, to my pleased surprise, when Chesapeake finished with its pipeline laying operation a crew arrived and quickly restored the Woodhaven sign to its former glory. Well, actually, I think it is better than before, with a lot more landscaping.

A lot more landscaping, plus one thing that was not at this location previously. That being the white sign on the yellow post.

The sign informs us that this is now a Chesapeake "Cathodic Protection Test Station."

And, "In Case Of An Emergency Call 1-800-566-9306/"

What sort of emergency? Something Cathodic that has escaped that we need protection from?

What is a Cathodic Protection Test Station I can not help but wonder. Let's see if Googling relieves me of my wonderment.

Well, Googling Cathodic Protection Test Station brought up a lot of businesses trying to sell a test product.

Near as I could tell Cathodic Protection has something to do with preventing or detecting corrosion. I assume it is the metal of the pipeline we are worried about corroding, due to the extremely corrosive nature of the un-odorized wet gas flowing through the pipe.

I guess I should be relieved to have a Cathodic Protection Test Station so close to where I live.

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Anonymous said...

Living so close to it maybe you want a Catholic protection against corruption instead?