Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Snowy Walk In The Village Creek Natural Historical Area Thinking About Crabs & Oysters

It was still freezing when I walked to the Village Creek Blue Bayou Overlook in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area today, to look at the Blue Bayou and the snow that remained on the ground.

The temperature is now 10 degrees above freezing, at my location, with most of the snow that had been remaining on the ground, now melted..

The Viral Annoyance that has been annoying me the past several days this morning had greatly lessened, pretty much going, overnight, from High Annoyance to Low Annoyance.

I heard from the mama of my youngest nephews and niece this morning, informing that they have all been having ailment woes. Reading about those woes made my woes seem to pale by comparison. For instance, I have feared it happening, but I have never projectile vomited on an airplane, that I can recollect.

I figure in a few days I should be back to full strength. Just in time for New Year's Eve.

I watched last night's episode of Top Chef Seattle whilst having Chinese food for lunch. Top Chef filming in the part of the world with which I am most familiar is being interesting. This episode started off with the Quickfire Challenge directing the chefs to drive to an address on Chuckanut Drive in Bow, Washington.

Those watching, not familiar with Washington, would think this must be a short drive from Seattle. The editing made it look like a short drive, but, the reality is, it is about 70 miles or more north of Seattle, heading north on I-5, til you get to my old hometown of Burlington, in the Skagit Valley, then exiting on to Chuckanut Drive, continuing north to Bow, where the chefs gathered oysters in Samish Bay. Then all the way back to Seattle to make a food item out of the oysters. Seems like this would have been an exhausting day.

And why did the chefs not stop at Sakuma Bros. Farms & Market Stand which they would have passed shortly after exiting I-5?

The chefs did seem to be appropriately enchanted by the scenery they were seeing. I have not been in that particular location since early August of 2008, when David, Theo and Ruby's mom drove me to Bow, and Edison, on the way to meet Spencer Jack at Bayview State Park.

Top Chef Seattle is making me homesick. For crabs, oysters, salmon and fresh berries of a wide variety. Along with mountains, fresh air and a lot of saltwater.

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