Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Saturday With Dogs, Pomegranates, No Armadillos & Possible Incoming Snow

Fort Woof Dog Crossing
I did not see any armadillos whilst biking through Gateway Park, today, on my way to Town Talk, where I got the biggest pomegranates I have ever seen, giant grapefruit sized, for only 50 cent each.

The only critters I saw in Gateway Park, besides the usual humans, were squirrels and a lot of dogs having themselves a really fine time in Gateway Park's Fort Woof. 

I read  somewhere reliable that Fort Woof is one of the best, if not the best, dog park in the world.

Fort Woof does appear to be a well made facility.

Except there are no restroom facilities for either canines or humans. But, there are water dog faucets, which seems a very considerate touch.

Also very considerate is the fact that the small dogs are segregated from the big dogs. I assume this segregation is necessary due to the tendency of small dogs to suffer from small dog syndrome and thus bully their easier to get along with big dog counterparts.

Changing the subject from the dogs to the weather.

As you can see, at the time I went biking, this 2nd Saturday of the last month of 2012, clouds blocked direct access to warming solar  radiation.

The clouds have now been removed, for the most part, with the solar radiation currently heating my location to a relatively warm 66 degrees.

I have been going swimming after the sun goes down the past several days. That has been working out quite well. But, I think the swimming will temporarily come to an end in the next 48 hours, what with freezing temperatures and possible snow in the forecast.

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