Monday, December 10, 2012

A Frigid Walk With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Pondering The Problems Of The Troll Known As Gar The Texan

Village Creek Bayou Cold Ducks
The wind had the air feeling bone chilling cold today whilst I walked with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

The temperature was a degree above freezing. The gusty wind had me feeling way underdressed, what with nothing covering my ears or fingertips.

The Village Creek Bayou had a lot of ducks floating in it today.

Big cold ducks.

 I was able to get one shot off at the ducks before most of them took to frightened flight.

Changing the subject to something else.

This morning I was surprised to learn, via that observant observer who calls himself Gar the Texan, that the weather and all its related variants is all I ever talk about.

I did not realize this til Gar the Texan pointed it out to me.

In that same informative blogging I learned that Gar the Texan has been trying to get a rise out of people with what he calls "trolling." I think by "trolling" Gar the Texan means he was trying to aggravate people by being aggravating.

Apparently, in Gar the Texan's words, this "trolling" experiment has been an "epic fail."

Gar the Texan is really good at being aggravating. Unfortunately, I don't think he realizes when it is he is being aggravating, hence the trolling failure.

Ever since Google refused to have its ads on Gar the Texan's blog, due to his extremely provocative content, the boy has been thrashing about trying to find that magical formula that causes one blog to gain traction whilst another does not.

I suspect Gar the Texan figured out how to check his blog's Alexa Ranking and was mortified at the result.

I have long wanted to give Gar the Texan a really good tip, but then refrain because I fear hurting his really delicate feelers. But now I'm thinking, delicate feelers be damned, I am just going to give Gar the Texan this really good tip that I've stopped myself from giving due to the hurting delicate feelers worry.

Google and all the search engines like original content. It's like the thing they like the most. Gar the Texan uses way too many cliches. Cliches are seen as non-content by the search engines. If you write a blogging where 50%, or more of it, are made up of cliche phrases, that blogging is not going to be indexed well by the search engines.

In Gar the Texan's most recent blogging, he makes it sound as if he has little of interest going on in his existence, outside of what happens at his job, which he refuses to talk about.

But, Gar the Texan has lots of things he could talk about, outside of his job, and maybe even do so without resorting to excessive cliches.

For instance.

Once a month, or more, Gar the Texan goes on a cruise. I would think those cruises would provide all sorts of original, interesting content. But, you would not know if from what Gar the Texan writes about it.

Gar the Texan went to Cabo San Lucas. He wrote about this on his blog, but pretty much all he had to say was that the cab driver gave him free beer on the ride from the airport to his hotel.

I don't recollect reading a word about Gar the Texan's visit to Las Vegas. I suspect this is because he was mortified to learn that Vegas is not like being on a cruise, as in it is not a passive experience, you have to find your own way to restaurants, shows, entertainment, Hoover dam.

I really think the real reason Google fired Gar the Texan was not due to his adult content, but was instead because Google got tired of reading way too much about testing various insulin pumps, with most of the testing expressed using cliches...

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Gar said...

The cab driver did not give me a free beer. I bought it, but it was nice legally drinking in a cab.

I've always disliked Jon Bon Jovi because his lyrics are all cliches. You've now made me realize that I dislike it because I do it myself. This is a self reflective disaster.

I must rethink my bashing of Tony Romo. He may be a misunderstood NFL quarterback with Asperger's.