Sunday, October 14, 2012

Walking Across A Raging Village Creek With A Snake

That is the spillway of one of the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's dam bridges you are looking at in the picture.

A lot of water was shooting through the dam bridge today during my regular Sunday walk with the Indian Ghosts who forlornly haunt this location on the planet.

I was expecting rain all day on Saturday, but only saw a few drops.

On my way to the swimming pool this morning I found myself trudging through some mud sludge. This was my first indication that some rain had fallen. And then when I got a closeup look at the pool I could see that several inches had been added to the depth, thus indicating several inches of rain had fallen.

I was later to learn that at some point in time during the dark hours of Sunday morning a booming thunderstorm passed over my abode, with very strong winds and heavy rain, and possible hail.

I heard none of this because I was peacefully asleep in my soundproof slumber chamber.

By the time the sun arrived this morning to begin its daily illumination duty the solar rays hit the earth with no cloud intervention, as in the sky was totally blue, with the air chilled to a pleasant 64 degrees. Currently, in the middle of Sunday afternoon the air is slightly heated to a pleasant 76 degrees.

Today, crossing the dam bridge you see above I had a slightly unsettling experience whilst gazing at the flotsam that was jammed up against the dam bridge. That is the flotsam you see below.

As I looked at the mess of litter and wood I saw something odd, like a long, thick, black piece of rubber.

And then the rubber moved.

It was a snake. A really really big black snake. As I reached for my camera  the really really big black camera shy snake slithered down into the pile of floating wood. I hope the really really big black snake knew it was slithering on wood that was jammed up against a dam with culverts through the dam shooting out water at high speed.

I maintained a watch for several minutes, waiting for the really really big black snake to shoot out the other side of the dam.

However, no further snake sighting was made.

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cd0103 said...

We had 2 inches of rain yesterday and overnight on the Westside. Lost power for 5-10 minutes.