Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today I Biked The River Legacy Park Trail To Veridian To See If Homes Are Really Sprouting Up There

New Homes Being Built At Veridian In Arlington
Last week there was an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about houses being built at the Huffines Veridian development north of the east end of River Legacy Park in Arlington.

It seemed to me that it had only been a month or two since I'd pedaled my bike in that zone and at that point in time all I saw were some bulldozers in road building, dirt moving mode.

It takes months to build a house, how could there be finished houses in Veridian, I thought to myself?

I also thought to myself that this could be another case of the Star-Telegram getting their info wrong. This has been the case, previously at this particular location.

I remember when the Star-Telegram had an article touting the opening of a new 4 mile section of paved trail in River Legacy Park, extending the trail to Highway 360, opened after a mile connector to the existing trail was finished.

However, the facts were that this trail had been finished and usable for months. There was no new 1 mile connector. But, more importantly, the trail did not and still does not, extend to 360.

The problem caused by a newspaper printing erroneous information can be a little thing. Like the very day after the Star-Telegram had this article about the trail extending to 360, I pedaled to the 7 mile mark end of the trail, thinking, well, maybe a new section has been added since I've pedaled to the end of the trail.

I got to the 7 mile mark and found a guy appearing to be very annoyed. I asked if he was okay. He told me he thought the trail went all the way to 360.

I asked him if he read that in the Star-Telegram. He replied in the affirmative. He'd told friends, flying into D/FW International, that he'd jog the new River Legacy Park trail and to look for him waving from an overpass, and to exit and pick him up. How he timed this or how he thought he knew what overpass he was going to end up on, I did not ask. I told him I didn't think he had any option but to jog back to wherever his vehicle was.

So, today I fully expected to see no houses built or being built on the Veridian development.


I was wrong. There looked to be, maybe, a dozen or more houses in various stages of construction. I thought it took 4 to 6 months to build a house. Have Texans figured out how to speed up home construction?

The Veridian development ground to a halt when the economy collapsed in 2008. Are homes rising in this location yet one more sign that the economy is coming back? I hope so.

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