Monday, October 15, 2012

The Old Man & The Fosdick Sea Fishing With Turtles

The Old Man and the Fosdick Sea were back together again today. Along with a cute puppy.

I've seen the Old Man and the Fosdick Sea together many times, but I've not seen the Old Man hook a fish.

I don't know what the Old Man would do with a fish he caught in the Fosdick Sea, what with the warning signs informing potential Fosdick fish eaters that the fish is not safe to eat.

Would you not think that a city, like Fort Worth, which regularly makes the rest of the world green with envy, because of its absolute awesomeness, would be just a little embarrassed by the fact that there are bodies of water within its city limits which are so polluted they render fish a danger to eat?

Both the turtles and the ducks who live on Fosdick Lake were being really frisky today. I think they may have been being happy due to the fresh infusion of fresh water from the rain that fell over the weekend.

Today the turtle population on Fosdick Lake's biggest log was the largest number of the shelled reptiles I have ever witnessed congregating in one spot.

When I eventually got too close for comfort the mass turtle exit from the log looked like an Esther Williams synchronized swimming routine, with the turtle on the far right being the first to dive off the log, followed, one by one, til the turtle on the far left was the last to hit the water.

This mass turtle exit happened so quickly I was unable to photo document the event.

I was able to get a picture of some Fosducks acting ducky.

The two boys on the right had been feeding the Fosducks, with the ducks coming out of the water, then up the hill towards the boys, with the boys backing up from the approaching ducks.

Then the boys ran out of duck food. The quacking became very demanding. The boys quickly walked away as the Fosducks seemed to be conferring to decide what next to do, as in, continue to chase after the boys, hoping for more food, or head back to Fosdick Lake?

Eventually the near riot conditions abated, with the ducks slowly calmed down, ceasing with the loud quacking.

I tell you, walking around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park is starting to become way too stimulating for an easily excitable person like myself.

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Marie said...

Holy Bovines, Durango! You've really done it this time - that turtle pic surely belongs in the Guiness Book for largest turtle gathering captured on, er, digitally. I count at least 35.