Sunday, October 7, 2012

Running With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Training To Jog Washington Park In Anacortes

In the picture you are looking at one of the dam bridges that cross Village Creek in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in Arlington, Texas, in the noon time frame, this first Sunday of October.

The air was chilled to a chilly 49 when I took off to visit my favorite Indian Ghosts. The air is now one degree warmer, several hours later.

The water in the pool was cooler than yesterday morning, but still warmer than the air, thus I had myself a long swim this morning.

Yesterday I was in long pants for the first time in many months. Today I was in sweat pants for the first time in many months.

To work up a sweat, in my sweat pants, I jogged. This was my second jog since my return to jogging, which started two days ago with a one mile jog around Fosdick Lake, which, at the time, I thought was two miles.

Today, after jogging for awhile, I switched to running. Running feels way more natural than jogging. Running also is far more exertion than jogging, causing my sweat pants to live up to their name.

When I jogged around Fosdick Lake two days ago I was thinking I'd given up jogging in 1985.

Today I remembered that that is not the case.

After giving up jogging in 1985, due to a medical malady, apparently I started up jogging again, because I now remember that in 1993 I jogged around Washington Park in Anacortes with my little sister and a girl who said "rad" way too much.

That jogging around Washington Park coincided with a birthday milestone.

My little sister is 17 years younger than me. I remember at the time of jogging around Washington Park my little sister and I made a pact that when she reached that particular birthday milestone, we'd return to Washington Park and jog it again.

At the time, my little sister and her "rad" friend were impressed that a much older geezer, like me, was able to out-jog such young kids.

Well, my little sister passed that birthday milestone a couple years ago, with me in Texas and my little sister in Tacoma, with my little sister in no mood to jog several miles up and down steep hills in Washington Park. And with me, at my advanced age, likely unable to do so, either.

But, as God is my witness, on my next return to Washington I am jogging the trails of Washington Park, complete with photo documentation.


Blue and Max said...

Does this mean you are never coming north?

Durango said...

Blue & Max, that was unusually rude for you usually not-rude, very refined poodle boys. I suspect someone is posing as you boys. I expect you two to jog with me around Washington Park.

Blue and Max said...

Max and Me did not intend to imply anything rude! We were at the dog park this morning and running any distance is getting harder for us every time. And we're only 8 & 9.

Durango said...

Sorry, Blue & Max, I thought you two were suggesting that if my heading up north was dependent on me being able to run around Washington Park, that this was as good as saying I won't be heading to Washington in the foreseeable future, because I'm too old and out of shape to be able to ever do anything as strenuous as jog around Washington Park. Sadly, there is some slight chance you two may be right!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally found God. He will give you the strength to run. Amen!