Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Running Sprints While Befuddled By The Welcome To Quanah Parker Park Sign's Verbiage

Earlier today I indicated I would be running sprints at Quanah Parker Park today for my daily endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

The sprinting went well. The temperature was in the high 60s at that point in time. It is 76 currently, a couple hours later.

Til today, I don't think I'd bothered to read the Welcome to Quanah Parker Park sign that one comes to soon upon walking from the Quanah Parker Park parking lot.

The sign says...

Quanah Parker Park has different habitats for you to enjoy and is home to many animals. Hike along the trails and learn a little about which animals live here. Enjoy the open prairie and watch butterflies and dragonflies flit from flower to flower. Delight in your surroundings as you see lizards race across your path. Walk in wonder through a maze of trees and listen to the serenade of the birds. Enjoy a day at Quanah Parker Park.

Who makes up this stuff? Open prairie? A maze of trees? Flowers? Dragonflies flitting? Lizards?

I have never seen a lizard in Quanah Parker Park. I'm not saying there are no lizards there, I"m just saying I've not seen one. I have seen a bobcat a couple times. There is no mention of bobcats on the sign. Quanah Parker Park may be the home to many animals, but somehow I've not seen many of them.

I like Quanah Parker Park because it is very close to my abode, as in the closest park, with trails, to where I live.

The open prairie reference on that sign is the oddest element. There is a large field of mowed grass and weeds, that is open. I don't think it's a prairie.

And where is the maze of trees? A maze of trees sounds sort of fun.

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