Saturday, October 6, 2012

Picking Quanah Parker Park Pecans With A Big Pile Of Litter

Quanah Parker Park Pecans
The Big Chill is being a bit of an adjustment.

Today when I left my abode to head to Quanah Parker Park to pick pecans off the ground I was wearing long pants for the first time since I flew to Phoenix in March.

That is around 8 months of being in short pants. We have a very long short pants season in North Texas.

I made the mistake of combining long pants with a short sleeved t-shirt. I should have worn something with long sleeves.

50 degrees is half of  100 degrees. I am really bad at math, but I am almost 100% certain I made that calculation correctly. It was not all that long ago we were being naturally heated to 100 degrees or more. And now, a short time later, Mother Nature has provided us a natural refrigerator.

I filled myself a plastic bag with pecans today. That is a couple of the pecans I picked up you are looking at in the picture above. What do I do with these pecans now that I've got a bag full of them? I have no idea. But, I think, maybe, roasting them in the oven is what needs to happen. I shall later Google for the answer.

Right at this precise point in time I'm not in the mood for any more oven roasting, because I just broiled 8 poblano peppers that I got at Town Talk today.

Speaking of Town Talk. Today was the busiest I have ever seen Town Talk. Inside the store there were no bad traffic jams. But, outside the store, there were bad traffic jams, with more vehicles than parking spaces.

Changing the subject from Town Talk back to Quanah Parker Park.

The Quanah Parker Park Garbage Dump
I was appalled to see what some litter bug on steroids has dumped in a ravine on the north side of the entry road, with the ravine leading to the Trinity River, a short distance away.

Someone had to be rather brazen to dump all this junk, risking someone driving in or out of the park, at any second, catching them in the criminal act.

I don't know why this type disposal method is used so much in Texas. Recently a lesser dumping of junk occurred next to the road that leads to the top of Mount Tandy.

One thing I do know. Where I lived in Washington, that being the Skagit Valley, I knew where I could haul junk to. I think it was called a Transfer Station, but I'm not sure of that. Time has reduced my ability to remember some things.

Where I live in Texas I have not the slightest idea where I would haul junk if I needed to get rid of it. Perhaps this is why, in desperation, slobby people do bad deeds, like throw away their garbage in a Fort Worth public park.

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cd0103 said...

There is a trash dump off Cold Springs Road (near Northside drive and I-35) and one on the southside near 20 and the southeast TCC campus. There is also a hazardous waste disposal site off I-30 and Oakland.

:-) Water department website is a plethora of information.