Friday, October 5, 2012

Jogging Around Fosdick Lake With Grandma & The Fosducks

In the picture you are looking at a grandma with her granddaughter, today, tossing chunks of bread at the Fosducks lounging on the east shore of Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park.

Grandma told me she'd not been to Oakland Lake Park for over 20 years, but came there today in the hopes of finding some ducks for the grandkid to feed.

Currently it is only 77 degrees, halfway through this first Friday of October afternoon. The outer world was chilled to the upper 60s when I drove to see the Fosducks. Tonight we are scheduled to chill to 47 degrees, with the high tomorrow, that being Saturday, of only 55 with a low of 45.


I need to locate my blankets.

Yesterday, at the Crystal Canyon Natural Area, in Arlington, I was surprised to find myself doing something I'd not done in a long time. The trail though Crystal Canyon is a not very long loop. Maybe a half mile long, or less.

I did the loop several times. On the final loop I was feeling real energetic so I started jogging.

A couple decades ago I was a regular jogger, easily going 3 - 5 miles. Then a medical malady intervened and after that I never got back into doing the jogging like I did before the medical malady. Mountain biking became my main source of aerobic stimulation. And hiking. Lots of hiking. This was back when I lived in Washington, a place were there are these things called mountains that one could hike and bike on.

In Texas I have attempted jogging a few times. Or running sprints, but I would quickly give up. It was in Texas I learned to roller blade, something I've given up, due to the fact that I was not enamored of the idea of recovering from yet one more spectacular, butt bruising crash.

Well. Today I decided to jog around Fosdick Lake. I believe the paved trail is a little over 2 miles. I jogged it all. This surprised me. I'm thinking I might be getting back into jogging as a regular thing.

Unless I wake up really sore tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you, but a lap around Fosdick is just under 1 mile. You'll see The Start marker embedded on the trail outside the pavilion building, and a bit south of that, the "1 mile" marker. And quarter half, and 3/4 markers toward the south end, by the lake shortly after descending the hill, and close to the bench at the northeast corner.

Durango said...

Thanks Anonymous. When I typed "2 miles" that did not seem right, but I had it in my head that I'd been told that was the distance. But, now that you've pointed out my error I'm remembering it is the paved trails in Veterans Park in Arlington total around 2 miles. It is a sad thing to have a failing memory. I've seen those mileage markers in the cement on the trail around Fosdick, but forget about them when it came time to say how far I jogged today.

Anonymous said...

OK, so long as you're not pulling a Ryan on us.