Monday, October 8, 2012

Apparently I Side With Jill Stein & The Democrats While Gar The Texan Sides With Right Wing Romney Republicans

When I hit the publish button on my most recent blogging and then checked to see if the blog published correctly I saw that Gar the Texan had freshly ranted.

Gar the Texan had major surgery recently, replacing some body parts that had worn out, which has required a lengthy convalescence, a motorized wheel chair, a live-in nurse and a lot of potent pain medications.

I think the potent pain medication may be the explanation for some of Gar the Texan's recent rather convoluted rantings, so I don't comment on them, since I feel that would not be fair to do, considering the boy's compromised thinking due to his medical maladies.

So, in Gar the Texan's most recent blogging, titled I Side With, Gar the Texan is talking about a website called I Side With, on which one answers a series of questions to find out which presidential candidate and party one sides with.

These type surveys are very scientific and accurate.

Apparently I side with someone named Jill Stein whom I don't believe I have ever heard of.

By party I am 93% with the Democrats, 90% with the Greens, 37% with the Libertarians and only 4% with the Republicans.

Meanwhile, that conservative nutjob, Gar the Texan, sides 37% with the Republicans.

Finally, a legitimate survey confirming that Gar the Texan is a right wing fruitcake.

Gar the Texan's best friend, Ed the Indian, also made known his Who I Side With results. Ed the Indian is like me, a sider with Jill Stein, only with Ed the Indian being 1% more of a Jill Stein sider.

I'm 13% on the side of Mitt Romney, Ed the Indian is an 8% Romney sider, while that reactionary right winger, Gar the Texan, is 57% on the side of Mitt Romney.

I am feeling just a tad embarrassed for Gar the Texan right now, but I try to keep in mind that he is in a lot of pain and heavily medicated, and thus, not in his right mind.


Gar said...

Yea, but the live in nurse is hot. Sometimes I forget all about the maladies.

Especially when she wears that one thing and tells me what she'd like to do with Romney.

Durango said...

Gar, I hope your lewdness about your HOT nurse and what she wants to do with Romney does not get me in trouble with Google.

Steve A said...

Does that explain the sudden plethora of blog adult warnings? Will Durango be next?

Durango said...

Steve A, I've yet to see an adult warnings, other than Gar the Texan's Blog. The Google Gestapo suspended G the T's AdSense account for no legit reason near as I could tell...