Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Cool Saturday Morning Swim With Betty Jo Bouvier Celebrating Her Birthday In Seattle

I did not realize  the temperature was scheduled to get to one degree above freezing this last Saturday morning of October 2012.

I did realize the air had done some serious chilling when at some point during the night I found myself seeking extra warmth under blankets in my slumber chamber.

Knowing that the water in the pool would be significantly warmer than 33 degrees I went swimming this morning. The water was cooler than yesterday but not yet cool enough to trigger the shiver reaction.

Unless the temperature gets well above 50 today I will not be getting in the pool tomorrow morning. I see we are currently scheduled to reach a high of 60 today, with the low tonight being 36. Even if the temperature does reach 60 the water in the pool will be cooler tomorrow morning than it was this morning.

Today is Betty Jo Bouvier's birthday. Happy birthday Betty Jo.

I shan't say how old Betty Jo is today, as that would be impolite. Suffice to say that today is a significant anniversary of the day Betty Jo turned 39.

Betty Jo is celebrating her birthday by spending the weekend in Seattle where multiple surprises have been planned for her. I hope one of the surprises is a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel so I can get another first hand account.

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Blue and Max said...

The Great Wheel is awesome!