Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Will The Non-Stop Commenting Of Bob Costas Ruin Friday's London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony?

The London 2012 Summer Olympics opens this coming Friday. That is something like two days from now.

This morning I was reminded, by a blog comment, of a blogging I wrote way back on April 22, 2008, titled Boycotting the Beijing Olympics.

That above mentioned blog comment...

Michael Robinson has left a new comment on your post "Boycotting the Beijing Olympics": 

Thank you. Now I have something to link when someone asks me why I don't watch the Olympics. I looked forward to the 2008 opening ceremonies for years and this guy ruined it. 

I had a pretty good idea what had me in boycott mode over 4 years ago, even before I re-read what I wrote.

Bob Costas.

I was boycotting Bob Costas and his non-stop yammering that had me turn off the Athens Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Below is part of what I had to say on April 22, 2008....

I only made it through a couple hours of the Athens Olympics opening ceremonies. I like watching all the pomp and ceremony and trying to hear the music. But Bob Costas would not shut up. It was so distracting. If someone had been in my house watching TV with me and they yapped on and on like Bob Costas I would issue an ultimatum, either shut up or get out of my house.

When I wrote about Boycotting the Beijing Olympics I said when I lived in Washington, near the Canadian border, I could watch Canadian coverage of something like an Olympics and see way fewer commercials and hear no Bob Costas boobery.

On April 22 of 2008 I did not know that by the time of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony I would be in Tacoma and thus able to watch the Olympics Bob Costas-free on Canadian TV.

Til you get to watch such a thing without a babbling boob like Bob Costas you can't possibly realize how much better this makes the viewing experience.

It has long been a mystery to me why the non-stop yammering is deemed appropriate, let alone necessary.

I wonder if I can get Mexican TV here in North Texas? Even if the Mexican TV coverage had their version of a Bob Costas boob doing non-stop commentary, at least it would be in Spanish and thus not distracting because I would not understand what was being said.

I suppose I will try and watch the London Opening Ceremonies on Friday, eternal optimist that I am, hoping that NBC has figured out they need to muzzle Bob Costas.

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CatsPaw said...

One could have understood a need for non-stop yammering in the days of radio. I thought TV was supposed to take care of some of that because of the, you know, pictures. Boobery, indeed, sí señor.