Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FNJ Perplexes FUD Over Methodist Methods

This morning I got an email from FNJ. FNJ are initials for Favorite Nephew Jason. FNJ is Spencer Jack's dad.  FNJ calls me FUD.

Which is not short for Fuddy Duddy, but is short for Favorite Uncle Durango.

FNJ's email instantly perplexed me, and then super-perplexed me when I clicked on the link in the email...

Have you ever visited this site:  http://durangotexas.blogpsot.com/?  I incorrectly keyed in your blog address this morning.  For a moment I thought that the methods of the methodists had successfully spiritually influenced FUD. Until I realized my error.

Why is FNJ asking me if I've ever visited my own blog, I sat here and wondered.

I then clicked on the link in FNJ's email and went into hyper-perplexed mode.

Eventually I got less perplexed.

But I still don't understand why this particular URL brings up the religious website that it brings up.

After my perplexation slightly mitigated I called my nephew to ask if this was some nefariousness of his design. FNJ assured me he was not capable of this level of nefariousness, as much as he wished he was.

Yet one more mystery in a day full of them.


Anonymous said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Gar said...

It's typical URL messing to get innocent people going to a brainwashing site.

www.blogpsot.com is very clever though. It's probably a common mistake in typing that gets plenty of people to their site.

The part before the blogpsot.com doesn't matter. They've got their server setup to direct it all to the same place.

Big players like Facebook and Google usually take care to cover their domains with all sorts of misspellings. I'm kind of surprised that Google lets this one slip through.

Interesting though.

Mr Galtex said...

Fascinating and clever. Funny, too.

You have to hand it to those blopsot people -- they must get lots of hits. If they sold ads they'd be rich!