Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daylight Saving Time Will Soon Be Saving Us Time

Daylight Saving Time starts up tomorrow, Sunday, March 11.

I can not remember if this is the annual time switch I don't like or if it is the switch back to Standard Time that vexes me.

What I do know is Tootsie Tonasket of the Tonasket Tribe, in Eastern Washington, had this amusing message, you see here, about Daylight Saving Time, on Facebook this morning.

I did not realize til reading the Daylight Saving Time article in Wikipedia, this morning, that this was such a controversial issue.

I also, prior til this morning, thought the correct term was Daylight "Savings" Time. Apparently the correct term removes the "s" from Savings.

These type revelations always have me wondering what a myriad mess of other important things there are out there that I am being totally ignorant about.

I suspect, with the time switch, it will be dark tomorrow morning when I don't go swimming because of a serious chill in the air.


CatsPaw said...

Twice in the last week, my cat has stepped on the clock radio getting to the window and moved the time up an hour. When I notice it later, I have to look for the instructions so I can change it back.

Think he'll help me again tonight and take care of it?

Performing on command is probably too much to ask.

tootsie tonasket said...

well it is what it is, dumb. and to keep moving our time is ridiculous. can`t figure out how to fix some times on clock radio`s...vcr`s dvd`s...

Durango said...

Tootsie, why don't you just have your captive Anglo houseboy do the difficult tasks, like changing the time on your multiple clocks?